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  1. Want To Buy Ads
    PM me with any offers for black OEM paint fenders, (can be aftermarket) as long as there's no damage, bumpers, body kit parts. Invader front / rear. Better if already painted if possible. Also looking for wiring harness for front sidemarker bulbs, trunk tray plastics, and trunk carpet. Thanks...
  2. Parts For Sale
    I have the full interior swap available. I have the dash, knobs and just about everything that was different on the 03+ interiors. Only things I don't have are the passenger airbag and the cargo tray. Other than that I have everything front to back and everything is in great shape. Everything is...
  3. Want To Buy Ads
    Need a black front bumper. Feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will get back to you ASAP.
  4. General Discussion
    So I really want to get this celica but in all the pictures I have seen the carbon blue celicas just look black. I like spectra blue much better but no one is every selling that color near me so how blue is the carbon blue in person or is it just the same in the pictures?
  5. Lyall style celly

    Lyall style celly

    Bat mobile in CT, 2013 GT
  6. Want To Buy Ads
    I have a 2001 BLACK gt and need the fuel door since my brackets broke. PM me price + shipping to 12764. Thanks
  7. Want To Buy Ads
    Hi guys. I'm fairly new to newcelica. I've got a silver 00 gt and i'd like to replace the scoop with a black one. I found one on ebay for $65, but it was a little scratched.:confused: Anyone who has replaced theirs with carbon fiber have an extra laying around?
  8. Wheel & Tire Forum
    I want 16" black rims on my silver '03 Celica GT, not lowered. I'm debating between the Sparco Drift (19.2lbs) Sparco Asseto Gara (17.2lbs) rims. Which one would you choose? Pics of the rims: Drift: Gara:
  9. Want To Buy Ads
    I'm looking for a black TRD bumper (also Tsunami) in good shape that doesn't need to be repainted...Thanks! :gap:
  10. new jp vizage bodykit

    new jp vizage bodykit

    new jp vizage bodykit
  11. new jp vizage bodykit

    new jp vizage bodykit

    new jp vizage bodykit
  12. Celica_1


    My new 19"
  13. Forest


    Just waxed it :)
  14. kallusive celica

    kallusive celica

    haha..i found it on a jdm mag!! sweeet..haha
  15. kallusive celica

    kallusive celica

  16. kallusive celica

    kallusive celica

  17. kallusive celica

    kallusive celica

  18. Rim 2

    Rim 2

    Another shot of my rim
  19. Rim Shot

    Rim Shot

    A picture of my rims
  20. Black GT posing

    Black GT posing

    I took this picture when I had not finished alot of interior mods. Now I have much more mods on it.