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  1. For sale:super rare blue 8m6 tsunami headlights

    Parts For Sale
    Sold my tsunami celica so up for grabs are my super rare oem Toyota celica part 8m6 Blue tsunami headlights in good condition complete with bulbs they do have a little sign of wear as you could tell in the picture but in all a great and super rare set of headlights! THESE HEADLIGHTS ARE SUPER...
  2. Need help on finding the right wheels to get

    Wheel & Tire Forum
    anyone know if these would look good on my spectra blue celica? and do they make any rims like that but with a blue outside instead of the red??
  3. Blue LED mod manual gts gauge

    Parts For Sale
    I'm looking to trade for an auto gt or gts blue led mod gauge. Mine has 147k on it, white turn signal arrows, blue led's with resistors, no dead spots at all.
  4. 2000 8M6 GT-S (56k?)

    Readers Rides
    Hey I've been on the forums a lot but never really posted anything. I thought I'd post my ride up. Here she is when I first got her. 4/10/2011 (I actually got her in February of that year but pics were taken on this date) I think some of you can guess who drives the ZBM Celica lol. The...
  5. WTB:Passenger side front fender and rearview mirror

    Want To Buy Ads
    Have a 2000 Celica GT-S, looking for passenger side front fender and rearview mirror in spectra blue mica. PM me if interested in selling. Thanks!
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  7. My 2004 celica

    My 2004 celica

    My celica with led halo headlights
  8. Celica by a tank

    Celica by a tank

    I just thought this would be a neat pic of the celica with an army tank
  9. OEM Rear Bumper + Rear Lip up for grabs

    Parts For Sale
    Have for sale an OEM Rear Bumper in Spectra Blue Mica, needs to be repainted, not broken or cracked anywhere, accept for paint, it is in great physical condition. Also for sale is a rear lip, also spectra blue, don't know too much about it, has a few chips here and there, tried to show in pics...
  10. OEM Gauge Face, Plastics, DoorSills, Other Misc Items

    Parts For Sale
    I have a bunch of random stuff up for sale. All prices are Best Offer. PM with any inquiries or offers. Hopefully the pictures will work, if not I'll try it again. Everything is "what you see is what you get." I don't have any other screws or tabs for anything, just what is in the pics...
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    HKS Cat Back
  12. 2001 Celica GT 5 Speed - $2,200 OBO

    Cars For Sale
    For sale is a 2001 Toyota Celica GT in manual, 5 speed transmission $2,200 OBO. The car was hit in the front while parked so there is some damage to the front end. The color of the car is Carbon Blue (dark blue). The car doe need exterior work, but overall is good to drive. There is a CEL...
  13. Stealth


  14. Stealth


  15. Photochop: Blue, slammed, gold BBS LM.  <- I want to do this!

    Photochop: Blue, slammed, gold BBS LM. &lt;- I want to do this!

    Here's what I'd love to do to my MR2!
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