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  1. Appearance Mods
    It looks like Duraflex makes an exact replica of the TRD body kit (Called TD3000 Style by Duraflex). I'll post the link at the bottom. What I'm wondering is if anyone has used or purchased this body kit? Is it really exactly the same? It comes unpainted at $346.50 USD for the whole kit...
  2. Want To Buy Ads
    I would like to purchase pretty much the complete TRD body kit, and I'm willing to purchase each of the parts individually if that's an option.
  3. Appearance Mods
    So I was snooping around on the internet today and found my way to Se7en motorsports site. I dug through their readers rides and found what is, in my opinion, the most beautiful celica I have ever seen.
  4. Want To Buy Ads
    I am looking to buy the Trial rear bumper and side skirts but also willing to buy the whole kit. I tried getting in contact with Intense Power in Tucson but no call back so far. I live in Ohio and I am willing to pick up within a reasonable distance range. Otherwise, shipping via Greyhound or...
  5. Want To Buy Ads
    PM me with any offers for black OEM paint fenders, (can be aftermarket) as long as there's no damage, bumpers, body kit parts. Invader front / rear. Better if already painted if possible. Also looking for wiring harness for front sidemarker bulbs, trunk tray plastics, and trunk carpet. Thanks...
  6. Appearance Mods
    hey guys I was wondering if any of you know what this part is called or the whole kit if you don't know the exact part name. the part circled in red I've looked at many body parts for sale but none has that part. any ideas?:AF:
  7. Parts For Sale
    Selling a full tsunami kit painted white. Front bumper (6.5/10) with all inserts, grilles and fog lights. The bumper has 2 circles of chipping paint (about an inch in diameter) on the lip and has a lot of spider cracking in the paint in the center. The cracks can't be felt and can't be seen if...
  8. Readers Rides
    I've been saving up hundreds of pictures and just now decided to do a readers ride thread. Mainly b/c I've just now been able to save up enough money to actually do some decent things to her. To start things off, I'm originally from Niceville, FL (in the panhandle 45 minutes from Panama City...
  9. Want To Buy Ads
    Looking for 03+ front bumper, a pair of nice head lights, a driver side fog light, GTS steering wheel, some side skirts, aftermarket rear bumper and also some 1zz turbo parts. Exterior parts preferably in 1d0 (1e7 on the bumper) but I'm interested in any color. The 03+ bumper in primer from...
  10. General Discussion
    Does anyone know what body kit this is / if the person who owns this Celica is a member of newcelica? Thanks.
  11. Celica by a tank

    I just thought this would be a neat pic of the celica with an army tank
  12. Appearance Mods
    Does anyone know what this front is called? It looks like the Razz front but the air dam is way different.....
  13. Want To Buy Ads
    hey guys been away on military orders for a while. but im back now. im looking for CF interior pieces to go with my window panels that i have installed already. also looking for a new rear lip or bumper...idc what kind it is as long as the muffler space is on the right side. i need something to...
  14. Appearance Mods
    I have black 2000 gt and I'm looking at buying a body kit and spoiler for it. I've been looking and I cant really decide on what to buy. I want something nice but not too expensive. I was looking more to the trd body kit styles. This is going to be my first project. So I want to start on the...
  15. Parts For Sale
    Garage Clearance Sale… Right now, I am just posting these parts up for reasonable offers. SoCal peeps get first priority especially if picking up the large parts. Shipping will be additional. If I get serious interest on shipping the hood, bumper, wheels etc., I will get an estimate to your...
  16. Want To Buy Ads
    Hi everyone, I am trying to find a used TRD exhaust for either gt or gts. Preferably from someone in Ontario, CA but if seller is willing to ship i will pay for shipping. Thank you Also if someone in Ontario, CA that has TRD body kit pieces im interested in those as well.
  17. So Cal Classifieds
    Up for grabs is a complete and authentic Kaminari kit. Decided to keep my molly & rmm set up. Most of you guys and gals on here have seen it on my old whip. I managed to salvage the front & side skirts from my 1st Celi and my new Celi happen to come with an authentic Kami rear I removed and...
  18. Want To Buy Ads
    Hey guys, just looking to see if anyone has any for sale and what they have up for sale. pm me or post some pics with prices so i can see whats out there also would like some recommendations on where best places to pick up complete ones are if i cant find anything on here thanks!
1-20 of 26 Results