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body work

  1. Repairing serious damage to rear quarter panel

    Repair & Maintenance
    Backstory: Near the end of this past winter I was on my way to work the morning after a heavy snow and started fishtailing down a hill (my tires were bald, no money to replace at the time). I spun around backwards and slammed into a tall fire hydrant. One of the spouts smash straight through the...
  2. Need some ideas for my 2000 GT

    Appearance Mods
    I have black 2000 gt and I'm looking at buying a body kit and spoiler for it. I've been looking and I cant really decide on what to buy. I want something nice but not too expensive. I was looking more to the trd body kit styles. This is going to be my first project. So I want to start on the...
  3. New Celi, New color.. need to make a decision

    Appearance Mods
    So my old Celi was smashed by a drunk:marky: So I bought another FTW:fawk: Its at the shop getting the body worked on. I salvaged the kaminari sides and front bumper from my old car. gonna paint them too and keep them as spares especially given my new celi has a kam rear bumper. I am debating...