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  1. Wtb trd or replica sideskirts and rear lip

    Want To Buy Ads
    Hi, I am in need of the sideskirrs and rear lip if anyone has them. Could be reps or authentic, but i still want it to fit. Preferably, if the color was 1d0 or silver metallic, that would be great.
  2. image19


  3. My 2004 celica

    My 2004 celica

    My celica with led halo headlights
  4. Celica by a tank

    Celica by a tank

    I just thought this would be a neat pic of the celica with an army tank
  5. TRD fullbody kit

    General Discussion
    I'm just looking for a TRD body kit but I can't seem to find one anywhere. Is anyone selling any parts of theirs or knows where to get it from?
  6. 2003 Celica GT part out

    Parts For Sale
    i will sell the car as whole if someone makes a good offer but otherwise I need to wait 4 to 5 weeks before i start ripping the car apart, but its a 2003 celica gt widebody kit silver. its in good conditon all around besides the engine died and some cosmetic damage to the front bumper and...
  7. GTSFool03