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  1. Running Rich at Startup

    USA - South East
    I am having a very weird problem where my 2zz sounds like it is running rich from a cold start and I have no power. I have to wait a bit for the engine to warm up so that I have the power to slowly let the clutch slip into 1st gear but the engine still threatens to die (stooping as low as 400...
  2. Engine Problem Help (possible maf issue?)

    Repair & Maintenance
    I put in a CAI about 9 months ago and finally read the bluebomber mod so I did that and everything fit good. When I put it all back in and started the engine it revs up to the idle and then quickly slows down then stalls out. If I rev up the gas it is responsive but then quickly goes down and...
  3. Random Bog- Loss of Power

    Repair & Maintenance
    alright guys im stumped, ive been working on this issue for a while, searching threads and trying anything i find. i have a 2000 celica gt auto (stock). the problem is my car will run fine for a while and then i get random bog downs, to the point that i have to pull over and shut the car off...
  4. To PPE intake owners !

    General Discussion
    Hey everybody. To all of you that use a 3" intake,probably a PPE,CAI or SRI;do you happen to feel a bogging/hesitation,upon acceleration,below 2000 rpm?If Im not mistaken,it seems to be a common problem to every PPE intake owner,is it so? If yes,have you found a solution to this?I have it...