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  1. Parts For Sale
    So..... What I thought has a blow diff was actually a broken half shaft. It sheered off at the splines and hub. Since I have my car torn apart and the turbo is accessible it is up for sale as long as I have the axles out. The setup has been ran for about 25K miles. Turbo has no shaft play I...
  2. Parts For Sale
    I am looking at switching my set up from my current supercharged engine to a turbo kit. This kit will come with: Greddy MP62 Supercharger MWR 3.1" Supercharger Pulley MWR Alternator Pulley MWR Water Pump Pulley MWR 255lph Fuel Pump This set up alone cost me around 4 grand brand new and 4,500...
  3. Readers Rides
    Hey guys it must have been over a year since the last time i logged in here and over two years since i had my GT-S. finally got my "project silvia" on the road, i'll give you guys the rundown on whats done to her. 1993 240sx coupe ENGINE: S14 SR20DET engine swap Tomei PonCams ARP headstuds...
  4. Parts For Sale
    Just sold my kit on here and still have a couple things left over: Prosport EGT Gauge w/Peak - $50 shipped eManage Ultimate Boost Pressure Map Sensor - $40 shipped
  5. PFC log when TVS A/A intercooler is bypassed

    Check how at sudden throttle tip-ins, VTA, MAF and boost coincide almost perfectly
  6. PFC log when TVS A/A intercooler is bypassed

    Check how throttle tip-in curve is similar and on-time with MAF and boost. Moreover, richening has completely disappeared.
  7. e-Manage log from MP62 with 2.65" pulley

    This is a log from a WOT run of a 2ZZ with the following mods (among others): - MP62 supercharger with 2.65" pulley - VisionFunction castings and A/A intercooler - 80mm custom throttle body - Piper stage 2 cams
  8. A/F ratio dip from throttle tip-in with boost readings

    This is a screenshot from Apexi PFC DataLogit with sudden throttle tip-ins. Observe the difference between MAF voltage and boost peak
  9. Parts For Sale
    selling a : Snow Performance Water / Methanol Injection system Stage 1 Part # 20001 i wont be using this with my current set up, so i have no need for it Below are pics (supercharger not included :) ) Phone: 509-630-6557 Email/PayPal: [email protected] MAKE AN OFFER $375 Value...
  10. A/F vs. PSI boost

    Charts depicting A/F ratio drop between 7.5-8.1k rpms.
1-11 of 11 Results