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  1. WTB: Drum to Disc Conversion

    Parts For Sale
    Hi, I am looking for all the parts needed to convert my 2000 GT rear drum brakes into disc brakes.
  2. Brakes Got Me Stumped: A Rough Idle Story

    Repair & Maintenance
    I recently replaced the front brakes and brake lines on my 7th Gen GT. The master is also brand new, and was installed at the shop a few months back. Bled the rear and front from furthest from the master to closest. Turn the car on after sitting through the winter and I have no brake pedal. Like...
  3. Polishing brake rotors?

    Repair & Maintenance
    Was doing some research before doing my rear brakes, and came across Wagner's Tech Tips page, which had some great articles. I wanted to get feedback from real-world experiences regarding some of their advice. I purchased the Raybestos Professional Grade rotors, as they are cheap enough ($35...
  4. front brakes won't come lose

    Repair & Maintenance
    I need some help My front brakes wont come totally lose, i mean they still brake a little after i let the brake pedal lose. My front wheel are covered with brake dust after 60 miles ride (long ride almost no braking) and are warm whe have cleaned both the caliper (and the 2 pins within the...
  5. ABS light came on

    General Discussion
    2003 silver celica gts ok so i wanted to post a thread in braking but im not allowed to post new threads there so screw it gen discussion. today i replaced my front left cv axle, rotor, hub and wheel bearing, which all in all not bad, except for the rust because im pretty sure the car has been...
  6. ABS, does it look like it?

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hi guys, Just wondering what do you think about what could happen to my ABS sensor on the right rear side? I've owned this car for 3 weeks and have my ABS and Brake lights on. The other side looks absolutely perfect! Looks like if got ripped off, or cut, but there's no "hole" or connector...
  7. Yellow TRD Front Calipers

    Suspension & Brake Tuning
    I was on here a few weeks ago just reading some posts, and I came across someone that said they were able to find some yellow TRD front calipers for their Celica. Does anyone know a part number, or where I could find them? Everything out there is either red or black. Having a hard time finding...
  8. Front brake rebuild

    Repair & Maintenance
    OK so i have this nagging issue with my direction where the car is pulling to the right, i already got an alignment and I've replaced the bearing and steering knuckle because i broke the original one while i was pressing out the bearings. so anyway while i was putting them back together i guess...
  9. Misc. parts for sale... interest guage

    Parts For Sale
    Hello, good to be back. I lost my beloved 2000 gts to a 200lb Buck last year and am finally getting around to emptying my basement of accrued parts. Just gauging interest, I will repost with regulation pics etc. As for pricing make me an offer. Located in Marin County CA pickups would be...
  10. Brembo Blanks

    Suspension & Brake Tuning
    Hey guys, Been searching through as I am getting ready to replace my brake setup and can't seem to find out if Brembo makes Anti-Corrosion finish blanks? I know that the slotted and cross drilled come with the Anti-Corrosion finish but I can't seem to track down any blanks. At this point these...
  11. GT-S Brake Calipers

    Want To Buy Ads
    Looking for a full set of GT-S brake calipers. (Front and Rear pair) I have a 2002 GT-S and I'm am not sure if there is a difference between '00-'02 and '03-'05 so whichever one will work. Shipping zip is 85008. Please let me know. :wave: Thanks, AZgts
  12. Goat Corolla wheels

    Goat Corolla wheels