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  1. WTB: Silver Rear Bumper

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    Looking for stock 1D0 rear bumper painted and in decent shape. I bumped into someone and put a hole in mine...oops. Aftermarket ones are a possibility, as long as they are painted. Thanks!
  2. Trial Front with TRD Rear?

    Appearance Mods
    I love the Trial V1 fog light front and the TRD rear but have no idea what it will look like. I'm going for a clean look and was originally going with 03+ stock bumber with a C-One lip but everyone has that. I just want to be somewhat different. Anyone have this setup? I'm also going with a BB...
  3. WTB 8m6 03 OEM front bumper.

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  4. WTB: z3 front fenders or f1 fenders, bomex rear bumper

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    :wiggle:hi guys, obviously I can find this stuff online but if anyone has it I would like to buy it off them. also if you have a link that has any of these items for cheaper than usual I would appreciate that too. im flexible as far as price for used parts. you can pm me prices our post them...
  5. wtb stock rear bumper

    USA - North West
    Hey just curious if anyone has a stock rear bumper lying around? If you do how much are you looking to get for it?
  6. wtb/wtt Kam, for my 03+

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    Hey im looking to buy a rear kaminari bumper, and trade my 03-05 bumper with grills and all for an authentic kaminari front bumper. LMK what you have.
  7. Misc. Parts for Sale

    Parts For Sale
    Hey guys here's a list of stuff i need to get rid of. nothing special. mostly stock extras. VERY UNSURE of shipping costs, as these will be the first things I sell on here. if someone can give me tips on how to find shipping costs i will be very thankful! anyways, lets begin>>> Front bumper...
  8. Front bumper opinion

    Appearance Mods
    Hey guys I've been looking for a bumper and fender thats close to me(psl florida) and I've had a couple replies but I've pretty much given up on the prospect of getting a cheap trd front to match the rest of the body. So now I'm Trying to decide between the 00-02 and the 03-05 bumpers. I think i...
  9. Authentic kaminari kit! Complete front, side and rear - locals only! $650

    So Cal Classifieds
    Up for grabs is a complete and authentic Kaminari kit. Decided to keep my molly & rmm set up. Most of you guys and gals on here have seen it on my old whip. I managed to salvage the front & side skirts from my 1st Celi and my new Celi happen to come with an authentic Kami rear I removed and...
  10. WTB Bumper and fender

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    Hey guys someone backed into my 2002 gt and now i need to replace my driver side fender and bumper. I have a trd kit on it so a trd bumper would be best. open to other styles though. I'm in florida 34983 hit me up with pictures and prices, thanks and the closer the better as I'm a college kit...
  11. I need some help!!! Canards on Trd bumper!

    Appearance Mods
    so as the title says, I got a Trd bumper and I'm planning on getting canards. However idk which to get. I see some that are straight, others that are curved. So many options but only one will fit! Which is it though? I need some help. Also I see some going for 44 bucks others for 60 n some for...
  12. WTB Rear bumper

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    Hey I need a rear bumper stock any color, oh and if it had a rear lip that would be a bonus but just stocks good too. Just lemme know what you have. Also include price shipped to 98503.
  13. BC Style Fiberglass Front Bumper (pickup only)

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    I have the BMX style front bumper that I ordered seperatley and I bought the whole BC style kit from a friend that sold their car and I dont need the front bumper, I contemplated keeping it for a backup but if I can sell it for 200 dollars I dont mind letting it go. Its made out of Fiberglass...