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  1. C60 Question

    General Discussion
    First, thanks for all of the excellent info you have made available. This forum has been a big help to me recently in dealing with my wife's Celica issues. We are replacing the MT in her 2002 GT with a used C60 we purchased. After reading some of the posts here I would like to find that the...
  2. A clutch for 800 ft-lb of torque and strengthening the C60 transmission

    Performance Mods
    Done Got everything I need here.
  3. LSD problem in C60 gearbox

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hi, I recently swapped in the 6MT from a Corolla Runx ZZE123 (JDM) into my 2001 Celica GTS as the old gearbox went out of order. Gearbox code C60. After installing, I found the gearbox was making loud clicking and banging noises (like the noise a worn out CV joint makes) whenever I take turns...
  4. C60 Transmission Question

    General Discussion
    What's up, Got a quick question that's been bugging me lately, but I'll find out one way or another. Here's the scenario: Purchased a 20v Blacktop 4AGE for my AE86 that came with motor, harness, and FWD transmission (Came in the AE111 corollas, not available stateside) Decided I would...
  5. local sale c60 , trd exhaust, 03 tails

    DC Metro Area
    thanks to an asshole that ran a relight ... I have a c60 6 speed manual trans-axle about 30k miles, I have receipts from the dealership and mileage of install and removal also available to provide to the buyer. No issues with this transmission, no grinds . Shifts smoothly . I also have a...
  6. c60 pops out of second

    Repair & Maintenance
    i have a 2003 gts tranny in my gt and it pops out of second.. i knew it popped out hwne i bought it. the guy said it was a 200 dollar repair, and that it pops out at 5000 rpm which is cool.. i threw it in to see if there was any other problems with it, it pops out at any rpm under load, and you...
  7. C60 transmission weak?

    Performance Mods
    So i am just becoming aware that 3rd and 4th gear are the weak spots in the C60 tranny. I see MWR has gear sets that are outrageously priced. My third gear grinds if shifted at 4k or higher, Does it need replacing? What can I do, and what shouldn't I do.
  8. Swapping c56 for a c60 this weekend, what to expect?

    Performance Mods
    so im swapping trannys this weekend, going for the 6spd and im really excited. what are some benefits, (pros and cons) to expect. also would this allow my celi to go faster( achieve greater speeds) due to the extra gear, since the celis have a rev limiter instead of a speed governor? would this...
  9. 2zz-ge 70,000 miles $1,700+shipping - parting out my gt-s

    Parts For Sale
    NUFF SAID! MY GT-S WAS WRECKED. i HAD PUT THAT BLOCK IN 2 YEARS AGO WHEN IT HAD 40K MILES. WORKS GREAT! $1,700.00 + SHIPPING/HANDLING PM ME OR EMAIL ME IF INBOX IS FULL [email protected] I will try to put up a short video clip of the engine running as its still in my wrecked car.