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  1. GTS rear brake swap!!

    Parts For Sale
    GTS rear brake swap includes: 2x e-brake system 2x rotor 2x calipers 4x brake pads (in good shape, 2 pairs) 2x e-brake cables 1x hub New hubs can be purchased for $40 shipped for a pair on a lot of websites. Asking $280 shipped within the US. (Keep in mind that shipping is $70 since they're...
  2. 01 gt/gts rotor to 00 gt

    Suspension & Brake Tuning
    Hello fairly new Here I drive an 00 celic gt and I was buying upgrades and replacement parts for my car because there was no upkeep on my car for about 13-14 years and traded my Chevy Malibu as I've always wanted a celica. Now as I was online I've accidentally purchased a 01 gt/gets rotors which...
  3. Yellow TRD Front Calipers

    Suspension & Brake Tuning
    I was on here a few weeks ago just reading some posts, and I came across someone that said they were able to find some yellow TRD front calipers for their Celica. Does anyone know a part number, or where I could find them? Everything out there is either red or black. Having a hard time finding...
  4. speedracer11

    Buyer & Seller Feedback
    I purchased rear calipers from the guy and he told me that they were not ceased and ready to go. I got them and started to rebuld them and they are ceased and the pistons integrated because of rust. If I put them on my car i could have killed some body. I will never buy from him again. BTW if I...
  5. distance between the caliper mounting holes?

    Suspension & Brake Tuning
    What is the distance between the caliper mounting holes on the hub?
  6. Blue Calipers

    Blue Calipers

    Brush on ceramic paint kit from Advance and STS ceramic pads
  7. blue calipers

    blue calipers

    blue calipers w/white trd sticker
  8. MVC-009aS


    american racing 16" chrome