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  1. 2000 celica gt

    Hi, my Celica was running a while ago and everything was fine and then the cam pos sensor went out and I changed that and the car ran and then it sat for a while because it needed more fixes and I was waiting on parts so when I got them I changed the alternator and it wouldn't run and I had...
  2. cams?

    Performance Mods
    I have a 2000 toyota celica gt and its got a trd axle back on it and a gts tranny in it atm but it pops out of second. i have a hybrid corolla/celica tranny in my garage (by hybrid i mean half celica and half 2010 corolla tranny. the gears are all corolla, and most of the case. the shift...
  3. FS: Piper Stage 3 cams

    Parts For Sale
    Selling a set of Piper Stage 3 cams for the 2ZZ-GE. They are in perfect condition and have less than 1k miles. Price: $590 with free shipping using regular, plain-old postal service...
  4. Inside Engine

    Inside Engine

    Took this pic while replacing my lift bolts. Engine still looks brand new :)
  5. torque converter and cams

    torque converter and cams

    new cams, valve springs, and old torque converter