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  1. VIS Carbon Fiber Hood OEM Style

    Parts For Sale
    Hello Buds, Selling my VIS OEM style Carbon fiber hood for the last 7th gen Celica. Bought it used 3 years ago but had some issues with the car since then and never got around to doing my desired mods to the car. :/: o Well, My loss is your gain. i hope to have someone local for the sale...
  2. Carbon Fiber OEM Style VIS hood. No Scope.

    Parts For Sale
    Hello Guys, LOCAL PICK UP ONLY/ or meet half way. PM me for details. Putting up for sale a VIS OEM Style carbon fiber hood that I've had for awhile and haven't had the time to install on my ride. I know, simple install, don't judge. :roflno: I never did get it with a matching CF scope as i...
  3. vis zyclone carbon fiber hood fitment

    General Discussion
    I'm trying to see how many members have had good luck with the vis zyclone hood. Don't know if this belongs here or in appearance mods, but couldn't find much about the hood.
  4. WTB vis zyclone hood or oem style cf hood

    Want To Buy Ads
    Anyone selling a a cf hood? I'm located in south Florida. If one is local that's great if not I'll pay shipping
  5. 2x2 CF (Carbon Fiber) A-Pillars

    Parts For Sale
    Hey guys, sold the Celi and ive had these laying around, guy who bought it doesnt want them I guess. I had them in the car for maybe 2 months if that? They are 2x2 Carbon Fiber and will fit in place of the stock a-pillars. Just use some Velcro or that new Dual Lock velcro and they will stay put...
  6. apr cf mirrors $150 -03 tail lights $140 - gts led mod trd speedometer $250 and more

    So Cal Classifieds
    Need a little extra cash for some work so I decided to part with these great mods and poem parts. 1. Apr c.f. mirrors - $150 2. Gt-s manual speedometer/gauge cluster with led mod trd tac conversion - $250 3. Oem 2003+ tail lights $140.00 4. Oem leather shift knob - $60.00 5.passenger side...
  7. CF Door Inserts

    Want To Buy Ads
    Looking for some carbon fiber door inserts, any condition will do. Would pick up anywhere in Florida or let me know the shipping costs to 34788. Really appreciate it. Austin
  8. raised cf scoop

    Parts For Sale
    I have a raised cf hood scoop that I got from a group buy years ago. Unfortunately I don't remember at this point who made the scoop. From the one test fitting I did before I sold my celica, it fit well. Looking to get $60 plus shipping from 01803.
  9. SALE… Genuine RMM (R. Millen Motorsports) Spoiler and a few OEM parts

    Parts For Sale
    All parts are Best Offer right now. If interested in any part, just pm your offer with a zip so I can check on shipping cost to you. First, I have a rare, genuine Millen Motorsports Racing wing for sale. The overall condition is excellent. The wing has very clean 040 paint on both end mounts...
  10. I bought a rare vented carbonfiber hood, one problem

    Appearance Mods
    I bought a rare vented CF hood/ THE MAVERICK BUILD Well, the problem seems to be that I must relocate the battery, ECU box, and fuse box. The engine plastics all had to be removed and the hood latch seems to be 3/4 inch shorter. I have considered cuting and welding a longer u shaped loop for...
  11. MY Carbon fiber interior came!

    Appearance Mods
    Just wanted to show you guys the work of the shop I got a deal with called SCF-Special-CarbonFiber. If anyone is interested you can go to their website-just add a .com there.^ also let me know an ill get u in contact with prices for going through me! let me know what y'all think! more pics to come!
  12. Wtt CF 3 gauge a pillar for one without

    Want To Buy Ads
    I have a drivers side CF 3 gauge a pillar I Want to trade for one without the gauge holes It is not wrapped, it is CF ONLY . Yours must be CF either wrapped or just CF layers Thanks!
  13. FS: BRS CF Hood, Apexi N1

    So Cal Classifieds
    Hello all. Looking to sell my hood and exhaust I took off my car yesterday. Ended up trading it in.... :waa: BRS CF Hood $350 obo w/ sparco hood pins (blue but i painted silver) included Apexi N1 cat-back exhaust $300 obo I also have stock tail lights and head lights in the attic some where...
  14. Photoshop my Celica??

    Photoshop Forum
    I've been thinking about doing a few things to my Celica, but I'm always kind of scared to spend the money if I'm not sure how it would look first. I was just trying to see if anybody can accurately simulate a carbon fiber hood, a TRD spoiler, black side skirts, and more of a drop (as if it was...
  15. Carbon Fiber Scoop For Sale

    Parts For Sale
    Take a look if you are in the market for one -- for an affordable price.
  16. Carbon Fiber Material

    Fabrication Forum
    Since it is very tough to find places/people to wrap certain pieces that I need still, I am going to dig in and learn how to wrap my own items by starting with the smaller parts that I have laying around as extras. Since there are a couple of people that have wrapped their own items, some...
  17. FS: TRD Carbon Fiber Engine Cover, 2ZZ Injectors, Gauges

    Parts For Sale
    Have a 1ZZ TRD carbon fiber engine cover. Looking for $175 or highest bidder. 2ZZ injectors $120 Innovate LC-1 wideband - Recommend to buy new O2 sensor before installing $80 Autometer Cobalt boost gauge...
  18. Carbon Fiber Hood Scoop--For Sale

    Parts For Sale
    On ebay, please take a look if you are looking for one. Cheaper than what is available any where else. Not plastic, not make-believe, real carbon fiber...
  19. WTB CF interior pieces and aftermrket rear lip or bumper

    Want To Buy Ads
    hey guys been away on military orders for a while. but im back now. im looking for CF interior pieces to go with my window panels that i have installed already. also looking for a new rear lip or bumper...idc what kind it is as long as the muffler space is on the right side. i need something to...
  20. CF Carbign Craft Backing Plate, CF Eyelids, 03+ Tails, Project MU Lug Nuts

    Parts For Sale
    All Prices Includes SHIPPING and PAYPAL FEES! All Prices Includes SHIPPING and PAYPAL FEES! All Prices Includes SHIPPING and PAYPAL FEES! All Prices Includes SHIPPING and PAYPAL FEES! All Prices Includes SHIPPING and PAYPAL FEES! Items are located in Sacramento, CA. Shipping within U.S. Only...