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  1. WTB: GT-S Midpipe

    Want To Buy Ads
    Looking to purchase OEM GT-S midpipe with flexpipe, cat, and resonator intact. Can pick up anywhere in South Florida only. If you like stories: Wife has '00 GT Auto and I purchased a '00 GTS 6MT with blown engine to pull parts. Ended up putting the 1zz in the GTS and it ran great for several...
  2. CATs in California

    USA - Southern California
    Hey guys, I've been doing some research on CATs for my car, I currently have a 2000 Celica GT. From what I've searched online many people seem to have got their Cats for less than $100 but those posts range anywhere from 1-5 years ago. I Understand Catco and Carsound cats are fairly popular...
  3. IMG_20120406_173515


    HKS Cat Back
  4. How to - o2 Non-fouler/Cheater

    Repair & Maintenance
    Available at your local automotive store. Spark Plug Non Fouler PN 42009 ($4.99) You now need to drill out 1 of the non foulers using a 1/2" drill bit. When finished this is what it will look like. Side by Side comparision of the orignal and now modified non foulers o2 Sensor...