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celli 4 special olympics

  1. Show off your painted, rattle canned, powder coated, plasti dipped rims ..

    Wheel & Tire Forum
    Post em up... from oem to after market... from 8" to 26" ... show off all your rattle canned, painted, powder coated, plasti dipped rims mounted on your cars. From mild to WILD :whoa: personally I'm looking to plastic dip my 18" Axis Hiro rims. I'm debating on a color...given how easily you...
  2. Why are people always wanting to race a Celica?

    Racing Stories
    Everytime I tell people I have a Celica, they start with "I bet my cars faster, let's race". And people at red lights are always revving up and trying to race me. Another very common question is "how fast have you gone?". It all gets old And on Tuesday, on my 8 mile trip from work, 4 people...