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  1. Different axle lengths- transmission swap

    Repair & Maintenance
    hi everybody, I'm new to this forum, and was looking for some help. I have gotten info from here many times before but couldnt find this anywhere... I have a 2002 celica gt that I 2ZZ swapped with the C60 trans. My trans began popping out of 6th gear, so i bought a 2000 GTS with a blown motor...
  2. New Southbend Stage 3 Clutch

    Parts For Sale
    New Southbend Stage 3 Clutch OFE custom made $600 shipped. Kept in box, never used... even has the stickers still! Should be good for 2000-2003 models. I'm basing (and undercutting) the pricing off their current daily stage 3 clutch. and if the image doesn't work:
  3. A clutch for 800 ft-lb of torque and strengthening the C60 transmission

    Performance Mods
    Done Got everything I need here.
  4. southbend kevlar stage 2 clutch kit

    Parts For Sale
    Brand new never installed Southbend stage 2 endurance carbon kevlar racing clutch kit. kty14-hd-tz I love this clutch so much i bought and installed it in my last 3 celicas and my last corolla. This clutch is amazing with a Fidanza or MWR flywheel . I have used both. Moving on, no more celicas...
  5. new_clutch_installed


    Aligning the pressure plate, clutch and flywheel :) the case is back on and attached, ready to be placed back into the body!
  6. Would I have to drop the transmission to replace the Clutch?

    Introduction Zone
    I have a 2000 Toyota Celica Gt Manual and was wondering if I am able to just lift the car and remove the transmission plate to get to the clutch or would I have to remove it completely? Any advice, videos and/or Pics would help. Thank you.
  7. I am new to manual cars... Do I use Transmission Fluid or Gear oil in my transmission

    Introduction Zone
    I have a 2000 Toyota Celica GT with 147,xxx miles and my car is making a noise under the hood. Its not loud but its noticeable. I hear it in neutral but when I press the clutch in, it goes away. So I am figuring that its the pilot bearing or just my clutch is going bad. I need help with that...
  8. Misc. parts for sale... interest guage

    Parts For Sale
    Hello, good to be back. I lost my beloved 2000 gts to a 200lb Buck last year and am finally getting around to emptying my basement of accrued parts. Just gauging interest, I will repost with regulation pics etc. As for pricing make me an offer. Located in Marin County CA pickups would be...
  9. Flywheel bolts - OEM reused?

    General Discussion
    Howdy! This weekend, a buddy and I changed the clutch and replaced the flywheel on my 2001 GT-S. The car has 120,000 miles. The buddy is a really experienced mechanic, who took some short-cuts to save time (he only pulled the axle shafts out of the transaxle, just left them hanging). Anyways...
  10. Fidanza, Southbend, and Transmission misc.

    Parts For Sale
    Selling the items in the pictures. Please give offers for the various items you see. All parts are for a manual transmission. :D Brand "New": Fidanza Short Throw Shifter Southbend Custom Ceramic/Feramic Stage 3 Clutch Flywheel: Fidanza Flywheel Had these parts for awhile, and instead of...
  11. 2ZZ-GE tore apart my clutch, pressure plate and flywheel.

    Repair & Maintenance
    2 days ago i finished my 2ZZ-GE swap, and curious thing happened as i was shifting from 3rd to 4th: Everything went smooth with the shift, 4th engaged well and second and a half after the clutch was fully released it suddenly tried (as if i shifted Again) to overrev as if it went from 4th...
  12. After White Lithium Grease...

    General Discussion
    So my throw bearing was screeching unbearably and I added a pretty good amount of lithium grease to the entry point cover by the boot just under the throttle body. Worked the clutch about 20-30 times and put in a bit more. It was seeping out from under the car but I have read that others had...
  13. Clutch slave to master hard line replacement - How?

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hi all. I need to replace the steel brake line that runs from the Clutch master cylinder along the fuse box, and over to the Slace Cylinder Flex line. Does anyone have any tips on how to undo this line from the Master cylinder without actually pulling the master and the brake booster? It's a...
  14. Urgent!Clutch dead-need new clutch ASAP!!

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hello everybody! I am in a hurry! I was on a ride a little time ago and after a 2nd gear wot,clutch decided to RIP... The symptoms are very hard gear engagement and car "jumping"when hot and in gear but with clutch fully pressed. I bought the car 3 years ago with TRD clutch and TRD...
  15. Clutch Problems

    Repair & Maintenance
    My car has recently had a couple of episodes where the clutch pedal all of a sudden locks up and I can barely push in the clutch far enough to change gears. I have no clue why it's doing this but it's getting really annoying and unsafe. The video below is the noise that it makes whenever I...
  16. Installing Cltutch in00-05 Celica GT

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey, I blew my clutch in My 00 Celica GT and I have only ever replaced the clutch in RWD cars. I have the clutch kit, I just need someone to explain how. Please and Thank You :gap::wiggle::wiggle::gap:
  17. Nice clutch for daily driver?

    General Discussion
    Hi all, Car hit 100k a while ago, and now I notice the clutch is definitely slipping (floor it in sixth gear, RPM's shoot up). I did a quick search and came up with the 'fidanza flywheel' and 'southbend clutch' combo. Could anybody shed some more light on this? Why would I need a new flywheel...
  18. Need help choosing flywheel ASAP!!

    Performance Mods
    My GTS needs a clutch and flywheel. I ordered a Exedy stage 1 clutch and i'm looking at the gripforce flywheel. I know their clutches suck but my thought is there isn't much that could go wrong with the one piece flywheel(chromoly 11.7 lbs) at 190$. The next closest flywheel is the fidenza at...