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cruise control

  1. WTB: Tsunami/GTS Auto/GT manual parts

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    Hi guys, This mainly goes out to our North American counterparts, but here goes: I'm looking for various USDM parts; 1) Celica Tsunami rear bumper 2) Celica Tsunami side skirts 2) Celica GTS Auto steering wheel and spiral cable (the part behind the steering wheel) - airbag is not needed 3)...
  2. WTB: Airbag Control Module and Cruise Control Switch/Lever

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    I had an extra airbag control module but it somehow now has water damage. I also had 3 extra cruise switches and of course, 2 weeks after I sell them, my switch decides to break. So, I'm in need of a working cruise switch/lever and an airbag control module from a gt without side airbags that...
  3. I am going to kill myself if i can't fix this!!!!

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    First off, I'm not taking this thing to a mechanic or the dealership b/c I don't have 2 grand to drop on this problem. I bought my car for extremely cheap knowing that it had some problems. I fixed most of those and now I'm on my last 2 problems before this thing is basically brand new (minus...