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  1. Want To Buy Ads
    I had an extra airbag control module but it somehow now has water damage. I also had 3 extra cruise switches and of course, 2 weeks after I sell them, my switch decides to break. So, I'm in need of a working cruise switch/lever and an airbag control module from a gt without side airbags that...
  2. USA - North Central
    Hey guys, figured id make our own thread here on the forum so we have other ways to talk and possibly to find new members.
  3. Repair & Maintenance
    First off, I'm not taking this thing to a mechanic or the dealership b/c I don't have 2 grand to drop on this problem. I bought my car for extremely cheap knowing that it had some problems. I fixed most of those and now I'm on my last 2 problems before this thing is basically brand new (minus...
  4. USA - South Central
    Haven't seen too many celica from my area. Hoping to meet some new friends to go on a car cruise with.
  5. USA - Southern California
    Greetings Fellow Californians! It's time to gather Celica owners and Celica enthusiasts in Southern California for a meet and cruise of the San Bernardino mountains! The drive is gorgeous and the weather should be amazing. Not many of us SoCal guys can make it to the Dragon or Ogopogo, but we...
  6. USA - South Central
    Anyone up for a cruise around the tri-cities area??
  7. USA - Northern California
    life takes some unexpected turns sometimes been dealing with that but im still down for a meet if everyone else is :) OLD KIA DEALERSHIP 1130am 2955 automall parkway in fairfeild (off abernathy rd one exit from weigh station on 80) im not sure the zip if anyone else does thatd b sweet!! figure...
1-7 of 7 Results