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digital climate control


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    Hi! I’m located in central california and was hoping that anybody outside of the states would be able to sell me some parts relating to the climate controls? not asking for every part from one person, but even if you only have one please reply / message me directly! The parts i’m looking for...
  2. Digital Climate Control USA LHD blower motor fix

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    Hey Celica team, Got tired of not having my blower motor recirculation working after doing the digital climate control swap. Link to album. Things you'll need. Gorilla Glue or equivalent Hot Glue (cause you don't want to do it twice) Dremel kit RHD...
  3. JDM center console

    JDM center console

    JDM center console I bought off of Hobie. I used 2 plastic rail strips used for an led underglow kit to secure, attached in 2 different screw locations in the back, and used 2 strips of gorilla tape to help keep in place. I am suing a 6" Garmin nuvi 65LM gps unit. The sound is nice and loud and
  4. Automatic climate control blower and accessories.

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    I am in the process of getting a digital climate control for my usdm celica, and I am going to be needing a complete automatic blower motor unit and L-arm from the evaporator box. I'm going to try and hunt one down, but if anyone is selling one, PLEASE PM ME!!! Thanks.