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  1. Shifter Linkage and other misc parts

    Parts For Sale
    Hey guys, i have a few random parts for sale. All prices do not include shipping. If you give me your zip ill gladly quote it for you. All prices are also OBO! 2ZZ (C60) Shifter linkage $30 Clutch Slave cylinder and line $15 The cylinder is less than a year old. I think the line was bent...
  2. FS: TRD Carbon Fiber Engine Cover, 2ZZ Injectors, Gauges

    Parts For Sale
    Have a 1ZZ TRD carbon fiber engine cover. Looking for $175 or highest bidder. 2ZZ injectors $120 Innovate LC-1 wideband - Recommend to buy new O2 sensor before installing $80 Autometer Cobalt boost gauge...
  3. TRD Carbon Fiber Engine Cover (1ZZ)

    Want To Buy Ads
    Is it fit 1ZZ in Toyota MR2 spyder, if it fit I want 3 of that and available for shipping to Thailand. I will pay by paypal. Nash email: [email protected] Give me the picture and price+shiping price ;) or if you have something cool for Toyota MRS or 1ZZ engine please tell me.
  4. SScarbonGTS2007


    Airbrush done by me !