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  1. 2002 Corolla swap questions

    All Other Models
    So I have a 2002 5 speed corolla I'm looking to take a 03 Corolla S 2ZZGE from and put to my 1ZZFE transmission if possible, is it and what could I expect, and are the 1ZZFE superchargers compatible for 2zzge
  2. F250 Engine Swap

    Repair & Maintenance
    I’m looking to put a Roush in my ‘96 single cab F250. Any specific engine recommendations? Or is the whole thing a pointless endeavor
  3. Engine swap from corolla to 01 GT

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hello! I hydrolocked my poor celica and am now looking at engine swap options. I went through all the threads I could find regarding 1zz swaps, and I just wanted to confirm that I fully understand what's involved before I go ahead and buy an engine. I'm not looking to upgrade to 2zz, just a...
  4. Coilovers with engine swaps?

    Suspension & Brake Tuning
    Hello everyone, I have a 2002 Celica GTS that I'm planning on getting Coilovers for in the next couple months. But next year I plan on swapping in a 2jz-T into my car and I was talking to my friend, he said that coils are designed for specific weights of the engines in cars. (Atleast on VW's?)...
  5. Passenger Trans Axle

    General Discussion
    Just a little background here: First time engine swapping, and as a girl I was offered a lot of help but did everything myself up to this point...However, now that I actually need help, everyone's advice/assistance hasn't actually helped (Figures?). Swapped out my 02 GTS engine for an 01 GTS...
  6. New to the site!

    Introduction Zone
    Hey guys, i'm new to forums and new to Celica's, i'm so new to Celica's that I only had my 2000 GT for a few days before the engine quit on me with 165,000km on it. The cars still got a great body on it and I wanna replace the engine in it now with another 1zz from an 03 or newer Corolla. My...
  7. Help Please! Advice on rebuild/new engine/swap

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey there noob member/ non mechanic. Got shafted* for not researching before buying my 00 GT:marky:. Engine BURNS lots of oil, rattling sound at high rpms, just had a few miss fires. Bought at 73k now has 99k miles on it. Need Halp. Where can I find a newish engine for a good price? I now know...
  8. 2ZZ swap & tune in progress. Some questions.

    Performance Mods
    Ok, long story short: I found a wrecked celica with RHD in a car morgue in Bulgaria. Engine was in the trunk, completely separated every piece. The owner said it spun a rod bearing while it was in England and then they opened the engine to fix it but never got to actually doing it. The price...