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  1. 2000 celica gt

    Hi, my Celica was running a while ago and everything was fine and then the cam pos sensor went out and I changed that and the car ran and then it sat for a while because it needed more fixes and I was waiting on parts so when I got them I changed the alternator and it wouldn't run and I had...
  2. Car shakes like crazy in Drive and Reverse

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hi i have a Toyota celica GT 2000. The spark plugs are new, cleaned the MAF sensor, Cleaner throttle body and idle controler valve also changed the rear engine mount and transmission mount still the whole engine shakes in drive and reverse. The car runs and drives fine. Took it to many mechanic...
  3. Engine Management Options 2000 GT

    Performance Mods
    Hey, so I've been doing quite a bit of hunting for this info and most of what I've found is 6+ years old so I'm hoping to get some updated info and possibly some new options. I'm looking for a stand alone engine management system for a 2000 Celica GT 1zz. The application is to be on a boosted...
  4. 2zz engine from Celica GTS ~60k miles, JDM ECU

    Parts For Sale
    I am selling this low mileage (~63k) Toyota / Yamaha 1.8L 4 cylinder 2ZZ-GE engine. It is in known great working condition as I personally took it out of my own vehicle to swap in another 2ZZ I built up for future turbocharging. Prior to removing it I tested compression and all cylinders were...
  5. Engine Rattling - Told it's timing chain

    Repair & Maintenance
    So I picked up a 2002 Celica GT about two months ago. I like the car, but being the poor college student I am, I had to go the craigslist route. As usual with craigslist, it was kinda a coin toss whether I got a diamond in the rough or a clunker. It's starting to look like I might have lost the...
  6. Can Any one help a New Guy With a hose not connected?

    General Discussion
    Guys, sorry for this newb question, but im new to swapping engines, and i am learning. i have completed every thing, the engine runs well, and i love it, but i am puzzled about the hose circled in red. where does it go to? ive checked and can find nothing. if i dont plug this pipe with a nut to...
  7. Misfires on '00 GT-S TRD

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey all, I need help to diagnose my issue with misfires. First off, let me describe to you my engine bay. I bought the car with an engine swap and it already had a SRI with no cat converter. The car ran fine for 3-4 months and then started loosing power and finally started misfiring approx...
  8. 2ZZ parts galore!!

    Parts For Sale
    Ive finally decided to get rid of all the 2zz parts i have in my storage unit. I originally picked these up from 01 Toy with the intention of building a 2zz for my swap but by the time i got the money for it i needed the swap to happen immediately because my 1zz was binge drinking oil. So now i...
  9. Where To Find A 2zz Engine

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hi all, my 2zz engine for my 2000 Celica GT-S has just recently thrown a rod and is in need of a replacement. I have searched at a great multitude of salvage yards across the state of Texas and cannot find one anywhere. That being said, does anyone know of a reputable company that sells used or...
  10. Burning Oil Help!!

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hello i am having some problems with my 02 celica gt. Problems -Burns Oil -Backfires (most likely CAT) -Burnt Oil exhaust fumes -Knocking Sound (Pistons?)
  11. Most Annoying Sound Ever.

    Repair & Maintenance
    I have a 2001 gts I bought with 140k miles (now at 178k) . It had about 7 leaks and needed a new clutch which was all fixed and since then its been a great car. About 7 months ago I added the Injen SRI and 3 months later got a magnaflow exhaust kit. So about 2 months after getting the exhaust...
  12. OEM engine part and sway bars

    Parts For Sale
    I'm swapping my 2000 celica gt engine to a 2003 and selling parts from it. I'm also selling the stock sway bars. Also have the ignition coils and fuel injectors from the 2003. Right now I only have this one picture of the 2000 engine out of the car but tell me what part you need where its being...
  13. Weird noise @ idle/complete stop(when brakes pressed)

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hi guys, I have a 02 Celica GT that's bone stock @150k. The only service I've done is basic maintenance and replacement of front shocks. The problem is that when Im at idle/complete stop, I hear a whirring sound kinda like the belt on one of the pulleys is loose or something. Has anyone had...
  14. Engine Build Questions

    Performance Mods
    Hey all i'm new to the forum but i've been reading posts on this site for the last 3 months straight and have come to a point now that i need some input as far as building an engine for my celica. I want a complete engine build. bottom to top. I was thinking of going with a low compression...
  15. Various bits and pieces

    Parts For Sale
    Drivers rear tail light with lights - $40 Intake manifold with the foam bits - $120 fuel rail with 4 yellow injectors - $100 throttle body - $160 Rear seats - $140 <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
  16. Wanted: Trd exhaust for 2000 gt

    Want To Buy Ads
    I am looking to buy TRD exhaust for my 2000 gt.
  17. 2003 JDM 2zz-ge

    2003 JDM 2zz-ge

    This is my new 2zz imported straight from japan, this motor has practically no miles on it and it is in phenomenal shape; for 2500$ i got such a steal for the whole swap; harness, trans and everything!
  18. BIG END GONE! Advice on sourcing replacement lump?

    Repair & Maintenance
    So, its a sad day today, my big end has gone in my 2001 UK Gen7 140 Celica. I understand that the best and most cost effective way of fixing it is a whole new lump. Can anyone suggest the best place to get a recon lump from? I understand that the POST 2002 engines from the facelift models...
  19. Engine timing adjustment!

    Repair & Maintenance
    I'd like to get some input from you folks before I start tuning my engine timing. Questions... What revolutions should it be at when at a standstill? 1200 rpm? My neutral and Drive (standstill) RPMs are about 500 revolutions off from each other. That doesn't seem right so it's one hint that I...
  20. Suzuki Dualjet Engine

    All Other Models
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