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  1. Parts for sale

    Parts For Sale
    I have a set of 03+ tails, rear strut, quick release fender fasteners, and gts rhd pedals. The pedals work on lhd, the gas pedal just needs to be switched with your original. Comes with all the bulbs and foam gaskets. I'm in Downtown Orlando. Would like to keep the strut bar local. 03 tails...
  2. WTB: 03+ front bumper cover, fenders,etc

    Want To Buy Ads
    Hey guys, so me and the girl and expecting a little baby girl and she has a 04 gt (just like I did before we even met) hers is all stock though where mine was a TRD. Anyways, she got into a bit of a crash a couple years ago and messed up her front end and the Celica's been sitting on her dad's...
  3. Fender flares w/ mud flaps. Opinions?

    Appearance Mods
    I was thinking about putting some plastic fender flares (hope I'm using the correct vocabulary) on my wheel wells with possibly a mud guard on the back wheels as well. Thought this might look good on my celica. My friends all disagreed with me and I can't find any pictures of it on the internet...
  4. WTB:Passenger side front fender and rearview mirror

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    Have a 2000 Celica GT-S, looking for passenger side front fender and rearview mirror in spectra blue mica. PM me if interested in selling. Thanks!
  5. Need Help In florida, looking for parts

    USA - Florida
    Hello, i recently got into an accident and the front of my car (2002 Celica GT) is totally shred. I inspected it and i found out that my frame is actually unharmed as well as the actuall driving components. however im in a dire need for a left fender, bumper, bumper reinforcement, and hood can...
  6. WTB: Fender liner for 2005 GT-S

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    i need a driver side fender liner for a 2005 gts, mine has the body kit so i think its different than others, pm me and let me know if you have one willing to sell
  7. WTB Passenger side fender

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    Local would be nice, but let me know, shipping and how much thanks! No color preference, gonna paint it anyways.
  8. WTB: z3 front fenders or f1 fenders, bomex rear bumper

    Want To Buy Ads
    :wiggle:hi guys, obviously I can find this stuff online but if anyone has it I would like to buy it off them. also if you have a link that has any of these items for cheaper than usual I would appreciate that too. im flexible as far as price for used parts. you can pm me prices our post them...
  9. Front bumper opinion

    Appearance Mods
    Hey guys I've been looking for a bumper and fender thats close to me(psl florida) and I've had a couple replies but I've pretty much given up on the prospect of getting a cheap trd front to match the rest of the body. So now I'm Trying to decide between the 00-02 and the 03-05 bumpers. I think i...
  10. WTB Bumper and fender

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    Hey guys someone backed into my 2002 gt and now i need to replace my driver side fender and bumper. I have a trd kit on it so a trd bumper would be best. open to other styles though. I'm in florida 34983 hit me up with pictures and prices, thanks and the closer the better as I'm a college kit...
  11. kallusive celica

    kallusive celica

    haha..i found it on a jdm mag!! sweeet..haha
  12. kallusive celica

    kallusive celica

  13. kallusive celica

    kallusive celica

  14. kallusive celica

    kallusive celica