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  1. Fidanza, Southbend, and Transmission misc.

    Parts For Sale
    Selling the items in the pictures. Please give offers for the various items you see. All parts are for a manual transmission. :D Brand "New": Fidanza Short Throw Shifter Southbend Custom Ceramic/Feramic Stage 3 Clutch Flywheel: Fidanza Flywheel Had these parts for awhile, and instead of...
  2. All bases covered?

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey guys I'll be replacing my clutch towards the end of this week when the remainder of my parts arrive and just wanted to make sure I am not missing anything or if there was anything else I should replace while I have the tranny open. I have the following parts already and I think it should...
  3. 1ZZ-2ZZ Flywheel?

    General Discussion
    I was reading up on the flywheels and i still cant decide I have a Gt Engine with a 6spd Tranny (Have not driven it with the new tranny) and i need to replace my flywheel I am still not sure if there is a difference between the Gt and GTS flywheel, if you know could you please explain? And...
  4. Fidanza Flywheel GT

    Parts For Sale
    I have a Fidanza Flywheel that I bought for a GT a few years back that I never used. I even still have the instructions. I bought it off another member here but never got around to putting it on. Asking $250 obo.
  5. Parting out my 6 speed gts soon - for now i have a couple of goodies -take a looksie!

    Parts For Sale
    Some drunk rear ended my LiL Demon:marky: Ill be parting my car out soon so there will be a seperate thread for that. for now the following parts are for sale: cf bezel $40 shipped raised hood scoop "fiber glass" $60 shipped VIS raised hood scoop with new clear $120 shipped passenger side...
  6. FEELER: Kazuma Exhaust, CF Fenders, CF Hood, Premier 12" subs/box, fidanza fly

    So Cal Classifieds
    Kinda undecided about selling this stuff. But I need the cash, so here we go... 1.Kazuma Exhaust in great condition with functioning cat "I used it for 12k miles, bought it off celicajonz" - asking $350 2. Carbon Fiber fenders & Hood - asking $500 for all 3 pieces - Will look sick on black or...
  7. Short Shifter

    Short Shifter

    Installed a Fidanza Short Shifter
  8. Fidanza Short Shifter

    Fidanza Short Shifter

    Fidanza Short Shifter on a 2000 Celica GT