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  1. USA - Southern California
    so on october 19 What will u be bringing to the 10th annual chino hills meet? If someone can bring an easy up that would be cool Ice chests etc 1. Doja ~ asada & hot links & ice 2. Richie ~ ice chest w/ ice 3. David ~ sodas 4. Diaz ~ chicken & easy up 5. Willbro ~ Dogs & Buns 6. Erwin ~...
  2. USA - Southern California
    Alright guys these meet will be coming right around the corner and we gotta decide what were going to bring to grub. Rules: -Please clean up after yourself. No littering. -Respect others. (Including Chefs) -NO REVVING -NO FREE-LOADERS -No Alcohol Beverages Have fun, catch up with people...
1-2 of 2 Results