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  1. WTB: 03+ front bumper cover, fenders,etc

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    Hey guys, so me and the girl and expecting a little baby girl and she has a 04 gt (just like I did before we even met) hers is all stock though where mine was a TRD. Anyways, she got into a bit of a crash a couple years ago and messed up her front end and the Celica's been sitting on her dad's...
  2. Tsunami wing, front bumper and fog lights

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    I was able to get my hands on a tsunami wing but have decided to go bb or wingless. The wing has some clear coat pealing on the top but other than that, everything else is 10/10. All the mounting points are intact and there are no cracks or chips anywhere. Asking $280+ shipping OBO (Shipping...
  3. tsunami body kit (white)

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    Selling a full tsunami kit painted white. Front bumper (6.5/10) with all inserts, grilles and fog lights. The bumper has 2 circles of chipping paint (about an inch in diameter) on the lip and has a lot of spider cracking in the paint in the center. The cracks can't be felt and can't be seen if...
  4. '03 "Shark Nose" bumper and gReddy lip

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    So... After a couple of weeks trying to get Rafa to work with me because I wanted specific parts for the OEM '03 front bumper, I have failed to receive any help or acknowledgement from him. It's really sad, because I really looked forward to working with him. I don't have any other choice now...
  5. Wtb: Authentic veilside front bumper

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    I'm looking for a genuine VEILSIDE EC1 front bumper for my 2000 CELICA GT. It's fine if it has some minor damage or a lot of wear to it. I can get it repaired as long as it's not too heavily damaged (like broken in half or something like that). I have cash on hand and can pay for it immediately...
  6. WTB: Silver Stock Front Bumper, Rocker Panels, Shift Boot, Front Headlight, Etc.

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    Hello, As the title says I'm looking to buy the following items: Silver Front Bumper Silver Rocker Panels Stock Shift Boot R/L Headlight Under panel plastic
  7. Celica Front Bumper?

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    Does anyone know what this front is called? It looks like the Razz front but the air dam is way different.....
  8. FS - Bodykit - Extreme Dimensions Duraflex Fiberglass Vader Body Kit - 4 Pieces

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    Hey everyone ! I'm selling my old Bodykit for Celica 2000 - 2005 Extreme Dimensions Duraflex Fiberglass Vader Body Kit - 4 Pieces - Color Silver The kit is still in good shape and minor damage can be repair if you know the good person. I'm asking 200 $ + shipping fee or any better offer...
  9. Veilside Replica Front Bumper

    Nor Cal Classifieds
    Got this sitting around in the backyard. Need to make room and can use the gas money. Please make me an offer. Condition: Pretty much new. Just needs to be painted.