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  1. FS : Front Bumper Celica OEM + Front Lip and attach

    Parts For Sale
    Hi, I'm selling a front bumper replacement OEM for celica 2000-2005 not painted with front lip and attach (the piece between the bumper and front lip) (black paint) I'm asking 200 $ + shipping PM for more info ! thx here the photo :
  2. WTB 00-02 Front Bumper in Black

    Want To Buy Ads
    Need a black front bumper. Feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will get back to you ASAP.
  3. Front License Plate Options

    Appearance Mods
    Hey there, I'm new to the forums. Well... I've been checking up here whenever I'd had questions and whenever I've needed install guides. I've done some searching and I can't find much of anything to what I'm about to ask: What are my options for a front plate mount? I'm eventually getting an...
  4. Celica Front Lip

    General Discussion
    Does anyone know where I can get the front lip this Celica? Thanks.
  5. WTB greddy front lip

    Want To Buy Ads
    Hey I'm looking for a greddy front lip for my 03+ bumper, PM about how much you're asking.
  6. WTB: Front Splitter

    Want To Buy Ads
    im just looking for any kind of front splitter. i dont want half splitters though, just full splitters. LMK what you've got thanks
  7. Bumpers and stock wheels

    Nor Cal Classifieds
    stock 2000 front and rear bumper - $200 stock gts wheels - $150 wheels have around 5% and 45% tread just look at pics local pickup only
  8. wtb/wtt Kam, for my 03+

    Want To Buy Ads
    Hey im looking to buy a rear kaminari bumper, and trade my 03-05 bumper with grills and all for an authentic kaminari front bumper. LMK what you have.
  9. Confused about Celica Cambers

    Introduction Zone
    I've had my Celica for about 5 months. I haven't done anything major too it, but recently I've been thinking about lowering my car and maybe do a freshening on the suspension. I was going to Get Illumina Tokico Shocks with TEIN lowing springs. But I've been told I might as well change the...
  10. wtb 00 Celica front lip

    So Cal Classifieds
    i wtb a front lip for 00 celica do you guys know where i can get one for under 100???
  11. Trippin front with mollys?!

    Photoshop Forum
    Hey could anyone photoshop trippins front 00-02 bumper w/c-one lip with molly sides?
  12. Opinions on custom LEDs

    Appearance Mods
    I put on these LEDs and i wanted some opinions before i screwed em in. Here are some pics
  13. BC Style Fiberglass Front Bumper (pickup only)

    Parts For Sale
    I have the BMX style front bumper that I ordered seperatley and I bought the whole BC style kit from a friend that sold their car and I dont need the front bumper, I contemplated keeping it for a backup but if I can sell it for 200 dollars I dont mind letting it go. Its made out of Fiberglass...
  14. I wanna be elegant!!!

    Appearance Mods
    So I know the Trd elegant lip for the 03+ bumper is rare but would buying this eBay one be a bad choice? Anyone have any experience...
  15. feeling elegant

    Want To Buy Ads
    Hey im looking to buy a trd elegant lip for the 03+ bumper...if anyone has one for sale price shipped to 98503?
  16. fronty


    front of bridge
  17. carbon hood

    carbon hood

  18. 560a2139


  19. Custom Urethane Lip

    Custom Urethane Lip

  20. Img_0506