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  1. Radio Wiring trouble

    Audio, Electrical, & Security
    So, i am out of ideas on this radio project of mine and i really need to get these wires figured out. I have my own amp wired in under the seat with an auxiliary cord going to my phone or tablet. I have 13 wires coming from the original radio harness and while i know what they all do, i dont...
  2. Blowing Clock/Dome Fuses

    Audio, Electrical, & Security
    2003 w/moonroof. Overall in good shape, couple years ago the cruise control died (light flickered then never came back on.) Everything else has been good. About six months ago my dome light would sometimes come on fully bright, sometimes flicker, sometimes not come on at all. Week or so ago...
  3. Body ECU problem or something else?

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hi guys, i'm having electrical problems on my celica just like these previous posts This problem began at least 6 months ago when i pulled out my crappy...
  4. 2014 Scion tC

    Scion Fuse Concept had a teaser photo of the new Scion Fuse concept that will be debuted later this year at the NYC auto show. I guess this will be the replacement for the tC once it goes through it's 3-4 year production life. Notice how wide the wheels are. Would look nice...