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gen 7
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  1. Advanced Technical Discussion
    Hi all, So I'm in a bit of A pickle it would seem.. My one and only complete key has gone walkabout and my spare is just the key itself, the engine cranks but won't start so my assumption is that the Australian model is the same as the Jap or Euro model with built in immobiliser and the key...
  2. Advanced Technical Discussion
    Hi there I have a gen 7 celica on a 52 plate (uk) I bought the car no realising the engine was pooped, the piston rings had gone. But about 60 miles before having the engine replaced it started to idle really rough and very low (when warm), I just thought it was a one off and kind of ignored it...
  3. Audio, Electrical, & Security
    Ok, when my dad gave me his 2001 gen 7 it only had one working alarm fob. This has served me well until my keys AND alarm fob took a trip through the washer-dryer. Now I can get into my car with the key but this triggers the alarm and the immobiliser prevents me starting the engine. My...
1-3 of 3 Results