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    Want To Buy Ads
    I am finishing a 2zz swap in my gts and read that MWR midpipe does not fit well so I am looking to put in a stock midpipe but cannot locate any, please let me know if you have anything to sell me
    $400 USD
  2. General Discussion
    Just bought a 2004 GTS, Previous owner was a just put in whatever is cheapest kind of person. The two things I know are incorect is generic power steering fluid being used instead of Dextron II, seals are leaking and I will have to tackle that eventualy. Cheapest unleaded fuel was also used...
    My son drove 2zz to school without issue, at lunch tried to start and engine would only turn-over a few cylinder compression cycles. Believing it was an electron issue we attempted to jump start with same result. Towed home. Battery showed 12.4V, however, since still under warranty we replaced...
  4. Want To Buy Ads
    Need to replace broken shifter plastic pieces. If you have complete assembly that not broken, please message me to discuss.
    $1 USD
  5. Performance Mods
    I got a trd muffler currently on my gts, and it's nearly completely trashed (due to the previous owner). I have a friend who has a stock gt muffler he's willing to give me. Can the GT muffler directly replace my current TRD gts muffler? I've heard the hangers, and the pipe layout is different...
  6. Parts For Sale
    Up for grabs are a ton of parts I have still left over from my previous builds these parts have about 30,000 miles. I have interior parts I have a couple of engine parts such as alternators starters and other parts I will be updating this post or creating a new one for soon once I pulled out the...
  7. Repair & Maintenance
    I have a 2003 GT-S that I bought brand new, and have (about?) 130,000 miles on it. It's been sitting in my garage, unused, for about two to three years. We never really intended to put it in "storage", we just didn't need two cars so it kind of stayed there. Now that I'm thinking about getting...
  8. Performance Mods
    Hey everyone, newby to the forum here... I've been lurking but just signed up to post this. Anyways, I just bought my first Celica and as the titles says its a 2000 GTS. Sadly after a week of owning it I found some problems. I've solved everything except two issues: 1- My syncros are going bad...
  9. Want To Buy Ads
    WTB GTS rear brake assembly if anyone has it.
  10. Parts For Sale
    Finally took out the headers out. This car has some serious oil issues and I hope I can find where it's coming from, otherwise I may be SOL. Selling OBX short headers. Not sure why / how, but the tab that separates the middle was broken when I took the exhaust off. Asking $125 shipped to the...
  11. Repair & Maintenance
    Help system too lean Bank 1 code Hey I own a 2000 Celica GT-S. I've been having error codes with my OBD2 Scanner reporting a P0171 System too lean bank 1 code. At first it only showed up on the scanner but now the check engine light turns on. The sympoms ive been having mainly include a rough...
  12. Want To Buy Ads
    Looking to take my 2000 GT-S 6 Speed manual back to stock, currently searching for a good deal on the Right ECU and Exhaust Manifold. 89666-20082 or 89666-20083 for the ECU, the 83 is the TSB fixed one, preferred, but don't know availability. and the stock exhaust manifold, according to this...
  13. Introduction Zone
    Hey I bought a 2000 Celica GTS two weeks ago. I got it for $3200. It has 136k miles clean title and no problems that I can see so far. It came with an AEM cold air intake, sport disk brakes, front strut, coilovers and a custom exhaust. So far have changed engine oil to Mobil1 5w30 extended...
  14. All Other Models
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    Current Setup
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  17. Fabrication Forum
    Hello everyone, I searched the forum and couldn't find an answer to this question so here goes...I bought a 2002 Celica GT a few months back and love this car, but it didn't come with the cargo shelf in the hatch. I know I can buy one on eBay but I don't have that kind of moolah :money: so I...
  18. Parts For Sale
    1) Tsunami Rear Bumper: It has some damage from the exhaust slipping off the hanger and burning away the part where the black insert connects to the bumper. It melted the under side of the lip so it's not noticeable when it's mounted on the car. I believe it's only two of the plastic rivets that...
  19. Parts For Sale
    Hey everyone, Rare Item for Celica Fan I'm selling my Greddy Supercharger (only use for 5K) Everything is in excellent condition and I got all the upgrade parts. *Greddy Supercharger (MP62 blower) *Upgraded Denso 550cc Injectors (plug and play) *Upgraded Engine Management: PFC & Commander...
  20. Parts For Sale
    For sale 2zz kit off of my 2001 gts. PM b/o just looking to clean out the garage.
1-20 of 93 Results