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  1. Audio, Electrical, & Security
    During troubleshooting last night, I discovered that while the harness plugged into the little switch behind the clutch pedal is plugged in, the other end (under the steering wheel, in the jungle of wires and un-used harnesses) is not plugged in to anything. Because of this (i think), I can't...
  2. Parts For Sale
    Hey guys, i have a few random parts for sale. All prices do not include shipping. If you give me your zip ill gladly quote it for you. All prices are also OBO! 2ZZ (C60) Shifter linkage $30 Clutch Slave cylinder and line $15 The cylinder is less than a year old. I think the line was bent...
  3. Audio, Electrical, & Security
    Hey everyone, just purchased some JDM OEM HID's and I just wanted to clarify whether I've got the wiring correct or not, so I can prep everything before they ship to me. I am looking at making a harness similar to the above (picture from: Link 1 & Link 2) so I don't have to cut my factory...
1-4 of 5 Results