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    Scion’s Double-Take at New York International Auto Show
  3. 2000 GT-S: Hatchback keeps flooding when parked in heavy rains

    General Discussion
    Can't seem to figure out what's causing this. Whenever the car is parked for a day or two in bad weather - rain, not snow - the hatchback gets flooded. It seems to be happening only on the right side. I have taken to putting a large bath towel rolled up in there to help, but inevitably heavy...
  4. Correct Weatherstripping Replacement for Hatchback?

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hello & thank you for reading. I need to replace the weatherstripping in my hatchback. It is leaking at the top and drips sown on my back seats. I just called Toyota and they quoted me $145 for install and labor. Crap. I know I could do this myself; I see weatherstripping for $20-$40...