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  1. FS - OBX GT-S Headers

    Parts For Sale
    Finally took out the headers out. This car has some serious oil issues and I hope I can find where it's coming from, otherwise I may be SOL. Selling OBX short headers. Not sure why / how, but the tab that separates the middle was broken when I took the exhaust off. Asking $125 shipped to the...
  2. PPE 1zz Header

    Parts For Sale
    $200. Add shipping costs if not local (San Antonio) 1ZZ-FE race header for 2000-2008 Celica, Matrix, Corolla, and Pontiac Vibe. 1 3/4" runners with parallel merge collector and 2.25" outlet. 9-11 WHEEL hp gain. Support bracket is bent but works fine and installs perfectly fine. Many people...
  3. FS: gauge pod, aem, c-one, lip, header and more

    Parts For Sale
    for sale 3 gauge pod cubby door perfect condition out of an 02 gts aem wideband o2 sensor and gauge in above picture custom made spark plug cover c-one...
  4. Parts Canada

    East Canada
    Hello! Been watching the forum for quite some time now and I have to say ... I wanna move to the States! Parts and services are easier to find; or maybe I don't know where to look :( I've already ordered a couple of things from "beyond the border" and delivered them to the freeport near...
  5. 00 Celica GT, carbon blue (blackish) w/rebuilt engine with 0 miles CT $1650

    Cars For Sale
    whats up yall! so i have this was a 5 spd, has all parts except tranny, seats two tires and radiator. its going to need a new radiator support too. Before i bought it the lady rear ended someone. it didnt really do any damage to the hood or bumper. bodys decent minus dent in...
  6. Weapon R race header & Custom midpipe; '01 2ZZ-GE ECU

    Parts For Sale
    Prices will be + Shipping, and will be OBO. Up for sale is the Weapon R race header ($550 new) for a 2ZZ engine with a CEL Eliminator attachment ($35 new). Along with it will be a custom full 2.5" midpipe ($300 new to fabricate). All 3 items were used for about 8 months. These will be sold...
  7. Exhaust header

    Parts For Sale
    FS brand new 4 to 1 exhaust header previous owner gave to me with the car but I never put it on because I went turbo instead. Taking any reasonable offer
  8. 2000 GT-S OEM exhaust, AEM CAI, HP Racing Header

    Parts For Sale
    Someone decided it was more important to text than to see if I was stopped at the red light in front of them. So, my poor GT-S is totaled and I'm selling some of the parts that were not destroy by the lady that rear-ended me (lancer drivers right?) (used)AEM cold air intake $150 obo...
  9. suggestions wanted! manual gt vs auto gt-s!

    General Discussion
    so a friend of mine has an 01 (i think 01 or 00) gts automatic. all he has is an exhaust and sri. he wants to race (which i really have no problem with) but id also like to make a little bit of cash ;) lol. the thing is i have an 04 gt w a manual trans w a short shifter (if it makes a diff). sri...