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  1. For Sale: Brand new DC sports exhaust headers for 2000-2005 Toyota Celica GT

    Parts For Sale
    Brand New exhaust headers for a seventh generation Celica GT! I bought them with different intentions for my car, and now I have no need for them. Looking to get rid of them, shoot me a price! If you have any questions or would like to see more pictures, let me know.
  2. PPE headers - good support report

    Buyer & Seller Feedback
    I bought a PPE 4-1 exhaust header and cat-in mid-pipe last fall from MWR. Following installation, we saw a leak where the 4 join into the 1. I contacted MWR, who put me in touch with PPE who immediately sent out a replacement - no charge - no shipping - no customs (I'm in Canada). They asked me...
  3. 04 GT exhaust help

    Performance Mods
    okay so i have an 04 celica gt, ive been modifying my car little by little and its now time for a full exhaust system (cat back) i know some of you may say "oh no difference in cat back and axle back" buuuut thts not the point. point is, the person who had the car before me were idiots and when...
  4. what type of headers for 2000 celica GT-S

    Performance Mods
    im new at all the performance talk going on in these threads, so it thought i would start this one. i have been looking for the right headers to put into my 2000 celica GT-S. i want to put some decent parts into it, but mind the cost, im not made of money. i saw on 2KRacing website(below)...