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  1. Hesitation on start up

    Repair & Maintenance
    2000 celica GTS I have seen a few threads on this but no real results, issue here in detail below. Engine start up just fine, idle smooth, soon as I start to move the vehicle it falls on its face and gives no power even when pressing the throttle. After abought 30ish seconds the vehicle then...
  2. 2ZZ Extreme hesitation!

    Repair & Maintenance
    The car was running fine, had done periodic maintenance a few days ago, a new battery, cleaned the maf, throttle body, air filter, IAC. The car was running great and without any issues. Then suddenly today while cruising along slowly noticed jerks while driving, tried to see if it wan just me...
  3. Engine timing adjustment!

    Repair & Maintenance
    I'd like to get some input from you folks before I start tuning my engine timing. Questions... What revolutions should it be at when at a standstill? 1200 rpm? My neutral and Drive (standstill) RPMs are about 500 revolutions off from each other. That doesn't seem right so it's one hint that I...
  4. To PPE intake owners !

    General Discussion
    Hey everybody. To all of you that use a 3" intake,probably a PPE,CAI or SRI;do you happen to feel a bogging/hesitation,upon acceleration,below 2000 rpm?If Im not mistaken,it seems to be a common problem to every PPE intake owner,is it so? If yes,have you found a solution to this?I have it...
  5. Random cylinder misfire codes... Help please?

    Repair & Maintenance
    I have had a persistent CEL for a while now with the following codes: P300: random cylinder misfire P303: cylinder 3 misfire '02 GTS. Symptoms: hesitation in the morning or when the engine is cold; engine sputters lightly pretty much all the time (can be heard from the air intake and...