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  1. Parts For Sale
    Hi people, I've got a few Celica parts I'm trying to get rid of - TRD mats, a brand new HID headlight and a complete pre-facelift interior with EUDM sills and HVAC. First: I've got a brand new JDM headlight for sale. Part number #81110-2D020. The headlight is brand new and has only been...
  2. Parts For Sale
    Hi! I am selling here two used OEM Toyota HID ballast ECUs. They fit in the OEM Toyota Celica Xenon headlamps and in various other Toyota and Lexus headlamps as well as for aftermarket D2S/D2R systems. Here is a video of the functionality: Price include...
  3. Audio, Electrical, & Security
    Hey everyone, just purchased some JDM OEM HID's and I just wanted to clarify whether I've got the wiring correct or not, so I can prep everything before they ship to me. I am looking at making a harness similar to the above (picture from: Link 1 & Link 2) so I don't have to cut my factory...
  4. Parts For Sale
  5. Parts For Sale
    So I sold my 2005 TSUNAMI GT. Now I got tons of parts left and for sale! Some were off my 6 speed gts and others were off my 05 tsunami and jdm aftermarket usdm parts. From rims to headlights interior parts to engine parts...... I have a ton of parts! SoCal locals get 1st dibs .... Shipping and...
  6. Parts For Sale
    up for grabs are my 05 Tsunami tail lights & brand new! JDM Hid headlights witn ballast $450 shipped for the tsunami tail lights $1,000 -shipped for the JDM HID hesdlights w/ballasts Or package deal EVERYTHING FOR $1300.00 SHIPPED!
  7. Appearance Mods
    After buying the celi last year, the previous owner had already done some stuff to it (springs, hids etc.) I wasn't actually sure what brand the HIDs were until recently one of the bulbs burnt out and I had to do some research in replacing the set. Unfortunately it was a cheap eBay kit. To my...
  8. Repair & Maintenance
    Hello everyone, in appreciation to all the the people that have created diy videos, it was my turn to give back. 03 Toyota Celica gts OEM Ballast bulb replacement With Audio Without Audio (I had to remove audio due to youtube music rules)...
  9. Repair & Maintenance
    So a while ago, I installed 8000k HID Lights. Since day 1, they have been shining unusually low and close to the car, approximately 4-5 feet away from the bumper making it EXTREMELY difficult to see the road. From a lot of research, this seems to be a common issue with people, and there seems to...
  10. Lyall style celly

    Lyall style celly

    Bat mobile in CT, 2013 GT
  11. Appearance Mods
    I am going to list and post pictures of most of the aftermarket headlights available for our cars. I need all of you to post your opinions and feedback about each one so we can hopefully make a guide for everyone who plans to upgrade their lights. And let it begin: Oem Halogens $50-100...
  12. Parts For Sale
    I have a pair of OEM Toyota HID Headlights. I am including the housings, and working ballasts and bulbs. The ballasts and bulbs are also OEM Toyota, so you know you're getting quality. The housings are both in good condition with the exception of one of the side tabs being slightly damaged, I...
  13. Appearance Mods
    Hi everyone, So I picked up a set of 6000k Kaixen HID's and installed them with ease about a week ago. So everything was working perfect and the light output was awesome. Then, for some reason the hid in drivers side headlight stopped working. When i turn the lights on, both work, but as soon...
  14. Celica projectors can be improved.

    Celica projectors can be improved.

    This is a 7th Gen Celica, halogen projector which has had the standard shield cut out and replaced with a custom one. Slight bulb alignment changes are also required to straighten the 'arms' of the beam pattern. More to come when mods are complete, and I get a better camera
  15. General Discussion
    [Picture fixed] Celica Projectors with HID's don't need to suck, check it out I purchased a headlight from a rolled (and drowned) 7th gen a month or so back, cleaned it up and pulled the projector out to see what a bit of tinkering would achieve (stock halogen projector, RHD, ECE cutoff)...
  16. Audio, Electrical, & Security
    So I've installed more than a handful of hid kits for friends, and finally installed mine a few weeks ago. I installed the 55w ddm with a wiring harness. Now to my problem: The hids only turn on if the car is off, and then I start the car. If the car is already running, they turn on for about 1...
  17. Repair & Maintenance
    So I have a set of the aftermarket halo lights that are not the dash z ones. Heres a pic of em I put in some of the h1 HID bulbs from DDM and now I cannot get the projection to adjust correctly. Heres some pics of my f***ed up pattern.. Left Center Right The projector can be moved by...
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  20. HID Spot Removal

    HID Spot Removal

    How to fix HID spots with stock headlight housing. Add aluminum tape to the two holes in the headlight.