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  1. Want To Buy Ads
    I'm looking for one these: RD2046P RD2046BLK If you have any of them for sale, let me know. Thank you. :)
  2. Parts For Sale
    Prices are before shipping. Basic shipping prices (GREYHOUND ONLY) are $80 for a bumper, $65 for side skirts, not too sure on the seats, everything else can be shipped via fedex/ups/usps. You can text me at 631/881/4793 for a quicker response but I will be checking PM's here every day or two...
  3. Want To Buy Ads
    As stated on the title I'm looking for a used cai tube (brand not ebay) so with out the air filter but i do need the screws for the MAF sensor
  4. General Discussion
    Hey what's up guys, ok so I've been wanting to get a cold air intake, I've been considering injen or aem but when I check out Inejn's cold air intake they say on there website they have it for an 04 but anytime I go to someone's website it's only 00-03, even the instructions on Inejn's website...
  5. So Cal Classifieds
    I have these 2 last parts still up for grabs.....need them gone.....will let them both go for 140, or will part out each for 80 No damage on the window visors....just need to be re-taped As for the intake....there is a small scuff but nothing serious hurry up and buy now....kthanksbye :o:
  6. Performance Mods
    So i just finished installing the INJEN CAI on my 2000 celica GT. Which was quite a pain in the ass i may add, considering the only manuals i could find (including the one provided in the box) were for the GT-S. For starters we couldn't find the OBD Canister anywhere. This left a "nipple" on...
  7. Parts For Sale
    I JUST made an account an hour ago and it logged me out. It wouldn't let me log back in. Therefor it says imHAPA instead of SoCal GT. If you guys really want pics???? I can retake them and post. Hey guys! Brand new to the forums but I figured if I could find a buyer ANYWHERE it would be...
  8. Performance Mods
    Are the cai's sold on ebay just as good performance and durability wise as the $300 brand ones? I've seen mixed opinions on other forums on the subject but I would like to hear your opinion and experiences.
  9. Performance Mods
    I'm new to any kind of performance upgrade and bought a used CAI from a guy on here for really cheap but it didn't come with all of the pieces as if I were buying it new(i.e. hoses, clamps, etc.) I am going to provide the link to the pics below of what I have and was just wondering if someone...
  10. Vendor Sales and Group Purchases
    Hey Guys, Here is a list of intakes and filters that are in-stock and on sale!!!! AEM: AEM 00-03 Celica GTS Red/Polished/Blue/Grey Cold Air Intake $274 AEM 00-03 Celica GTS Replacement Air Intake Filter (21-202DK) $45 aFe: 00-05 Toyota Celica Pro 5 R Oiled Drop In Filter $50.95 00-05...
  11. engine bay

    check out the CAI, it was wrapped with a special insulator to keep cold the CAI...
1-11 of 11 Results