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  1. Ebay Intake vs Brand

    Performance Mods
    Are the cai's sold on ebay just as good performance and durability wise as the $300 brand ones? I've seen mixed opinions on other forums on the subject but I would like to hear your opinion and experiences.
  2. Injen CAI Install, Totally Lost

    Performance Mods
    I'm new to any kind of performance upgrade and bought a used CAI from a guy on here for really cheap but it didn't come with all of the pieces as if I were buying it new(i.e. hoses, clamps, etc.) I am going to provide the link to the pics below of what I have and was just wondering if someone...
  3. what type of headers for 2000 celica GT-S

    Performance Mods
    im new at all the performance talk going on in these threads, so it thought i would start this one. i have been looking for the right headers to put into my 2000 celica GT-S. i want to put some decent parts into it, but mind the cost, im not made of money. i saw on 2KRacing website(below)...
  4. In-Stock Intake Super Sale!!! Intakes & Filters

    Vendor Sales and Group Purchases
    Hey Guys, Here is a list of intakes and filters that are in-stock and on sale!!!! AEM: AEM 00-03 Celica GTS Red/Polished/Blue/Grey Cold Air Intake $274 AEM 00-03 Celica GTS Replacement Air Intake Filter (21-202DK) $45 aFe: 00-05 Toyota Celica Pro 5 R Oiled Drop In Filter $50.95 00-05...
  5. BB Perfect CAI missing stock airbox solution?

    Performance Mods
    For those who have thrown away/cut apart the original top to the factory airbox while installing an aftermarket intake, it seems that ordering an entire airbox would be the only solution apart from meticulously fabricating your own piece. However, this approach will cost around $350 from an OEM...
  6. engine compartment

    engine compartment

    Some new photos of a GT-s I just bought.
  7. aem gen II

    aem gen II

    Right after the install.
  8. engine bay

    engine bay

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