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  1. Water in my hatch and back seat?!

    Repair & Maintenance
    So I have an '04 GT and recently noticed some water in my hatch, like where the spare is kept. Within that area I have an emergency kit that's completely molded over the winter. It's been an off and on issue for a while. But now I have noticed some water in my back passenger seat. My boyfriend...
  2. Various bits and pieces

    Parts For Sale
    Drivers rear tail light with lights - $40 Intake manifold with the foam bits - $120 fuel rail with 4 yellow injectors - $100 throttle body - $160 Rear seats - $140 <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
  3. 03+ black interior swap

    Parts For Sale
    I have the full interior swap available. I have the dash, knobs and just about everything that was different on the 03+ interiors. Only things I don't have are the passenger airbag and the cargo tray. Other than that I have everything front to back and everything is in great shape. Everything is...
  4. What's the part? Help with interior swap

    General Discussion
    I come seeking help! I'm in the middle of a large sound deadening and interior swap process, and my 03+ interior has been sitting in my parts room for quite some time. So, oddly enough, I seem to have forgotten what some of the smaller bits and pieces are supposed to do :blah:. That's where you...
  5. Interior plastics and audio equipment

    Parts For Sale
    Painted upper center console (radio bezel) the paint quality is decent and it looks decent but is ruff to the touch, could use a respray, no door. Stock/factory (not real) carbon fiber upper center console (radio bezel) there is a picture that shows a small chip taken out of the top and shows...
  6. Wtb 03 interior/cruise ctrl/tsunami rear

    Want To Buy Ads
    Im looking for an 03 dash, 03 climate control plastics with all knobs and buttons(dont need motherboard or anything behind the fromt plastics but i gladly will take it too :D), and an 03 window switch module, 03 sunroof dome light plastic, 03 under steering wheel plastic that has the hood lever...
  7. 00-02 interior parts/stock spoiler

    Parts For Sale
    So i just decided to go ahead and make a new thread for the parts. So here is what all I am selling for now. I am taking offers on all of it. For a faster response please pm me. I will check the thread when i can. Rear door panels - Fairly good condition just need washed some Rear window...
  8. 00-02 interior parts

    Parts For Sale
    I have a couple interior plastics I need to get rid of. Shoot me some offers on em so I can get rid of them :D
  9. Car before Mod's

    Car before Mod's

    Day i purchased the car..
  10. MY Carbon fiber interior came!

    Appearance Mods
    Just wanted to show you guys the work of the shop I got a deal with called SCF-Special-CarbonFiber. If anyone is interested you can go to their website-just add a .com there.^ also let me know an ill get u in contact with prices for going through me! let me know what y'all think! more pics to come!
  11. WTB CF interior pieces and aftermrket rear lip or bumper

    Want To Buy Ads
    hey guys been away on military orders for a while. but im back now. im looking for CF interior pieces to go with my window panels that i have installed already. also looking for a new rear lip or bumper...idc what kind it is as long as the muffler space is on the right side. i need something to...
  12. Shift boot is not inside?

    General Discussion
    When i bought my 2001 Celica, the shift boot looked like this outside of the rectangle cutout. I tried putting it inside but it will not go :marky: what am i supposed to do to put it under take the whole center out? Looks like this see its above and outside of the rectangle cutout Not...
  13. 03 Interior Part Out

    Parts For Sale
    I have a complete (well except for two parts) 03 interior with parts in perfect condition Cloth seats, zero tears $260 If wanting Leather, I have some for $200 Top Bottom Cloth rear seats, zero tears $200 If wanting leather, I have some for $150 Door Sills Perfect condition $120 Both...
  14. Tough Stain Cleaning

    Wash & Wax
    You're on a road trip with your buddy. You take a rest stop at a Quik-E-Mart to get yourself a nice refreshing Squishie. You come back to your car only to find out your buddy was beating it and had squirted all over your dash! Out of rage, you introduce your buddy to your little friend and...
  15. Leak in interior

    Repair & Maintenance
    I have seen a few posts on this issue and still can't seem to identify where the issue is. I got in my car after a hard freeze one morning(btw, it had been raining for several days prior to the freeze), started it up, and turned on the heat and the rear defroster. As the window began...
  16. 2003 Celica GT. complete part out!!

    Parts For Sale
    2003 CELICA GT.. COMPLETE PART OUT just had an accident recently. so im parting out my 2003 CELICA GT if parts is not listed, pls pm me for inquiry and pricing. willing to ship to US at buyers expense -engine -ignition coil and wiring -seats (front and rear) -steering wheel with airbags...
  17. MY Weight Reduction... SPECIFIC!!!

    Performance Mods
    Just making a thread about what I did for weight reduction/cleaning. I wanted to clean around the edges, under the seats, etc. Here is what I got! I used a standard personal weight machine (so give or take a few lbs) Basic Rear Seat Delete and Spare Tire 1) Rear Seat Backs...
  18. Before


    Intact interior.
  19. the cock pit

    the cock pit

    Some new photos of a GT-s I just bought.
  20. l7