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  1. powdeFS: Axis Matrix/tires 18' by 7 gun metal $300 !!! - SOLD!!!

    So Cal Classifieds
    Wasup guys! I am selling my Axis Matrix wheels. It is 18 inch and looks pretty nice on your ride I think. When I bought I paint it gun metal. No its not powder coated which I should've done in the first place. The paint is still pretty good. However, I have to say that two of the wheels got many...
  2. catback trd axelback trd

    Caribbean Forum
    que diferencia tiene un catback de un axelback?
  3. Philippines

    Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Countries
    just wanted to know kung may mga filipino at kung marunong mag tagalog dito sa been posting here for awhile but havnt had the chance to see kung ilan ang mga filipino... mga Noypi, post away -mitch