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  1. URGENT! Gen 7 stock alarm immobiliser trouble.

    Audio, Electrical, & Security
    Ok, when my dad gave me his 2001 gen 7 it only had one working alarm fob. This has served me well until my keys AND alarm fob took a trip through the washer-dryer. Now I can get into my car with the key but this triggers the alarm and the immobiliser prevents me starting the engine. My...
  2. Confused with my Celica keys and Alarm !

    Audio, Electrical, & Security
    Hi All, Recently my Dad very kindly gave his 2001 celica having replaced it wirh a new car. Im really proud of my car, but am really confused with the keys... Photo here... I am currently using a very tired FOB A to Lock and Unlock the car, HOWEVER only button 1 will lock and unlock the car...
  3. key shell broken

    General Discussion
    A year ago I broke my key shells of both keys (lasted 7 years). So I replaced them both on local shop with DENSO marked (FCC mark included) key shells. Now yesterday one is broken again. Replaced with a flip style in case it lasts longer... So I guess the shells might not be Denso, or there is...