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  1. Need 2003+ parts and alarm

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    Looking for RS3200 kit (not the 3200+) 03+ manual gt-s gauge cluster 03+ Roof glass (No rust/leaks please) 03+ hatch handle/trim (the bit that says celica with the keyhole) Strut tower bars Cargo net Stock shift knob plastic interior clip thingies (might just buy a pack on ebay) A set of 4...
  2. OEM Gauge Face, Plastics, DoorSills, Other Misc Items

    Parts For Sale
    I have a bunch of random stuff up for sale. All prices are Best Offer. PM with any inquiries or offers. Hopefully the pictures will work, if not I'll try it again. Everything is "what you see is what you get." I don't have any other screws or tabs for anything, just what is in the pics...
  3. F/S: MOMO Nero Shift Knobs

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    i have 2 momo Shift knobs i had them on my celica and S2000 1 for $60 or take both of them for $100
  4. can someone make shift knobs?

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    so im looking for a shiftknob and i see some really nice ones by mishimoto except they are universal and i hate going down that road. so instead im turning to you guys to see if any of you guys can make one like this powdercoated and everything
  5. oem 6 speed shift knob and boot - $75 shipped

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    I took it off my old wrecked gt-s. asking $75 shipped. pm me or email me if my box is full. [email protected] locals can scoop it up for $60 Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with...
  6. shift knob

    shift knob

    off an old audi a4/s4 i think