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  1. Looking for a Toyota mechanic in Mesa/Phoenix, Arizona area ASAP please!

    Repair & Maintenance
    I just bought a Celica last week and I love it but I wish the last owner would have loved it as much and taken better care of it! I've done small things here and there to fix the issues it has but no conclusive results yet... Of course, it's better off now than when I got it at least. Here's...
  2. Need help with a very lean 1ZZ

    Repair & Maintenance
    I need help diagnosing my lean condition on my daily driver 2000 celica with 188,000 miles. I drive it 100 miles on the highway everyday, but I don't know how long it will make it if I don't find why it is so lean. It is entirely stock. It does burn 1 quart of oil per 400miles/tank, but it...
  3. Missfire issue (p0300) and black smoke?

    Repair & Maintenance
    hey guys, so i have been having a very hard time diagnosing what exactly is causing random misfires on my celica, i have a 2000 gts, only engine mods are a trd intake and trd exhaust with stock headers. so the car was throwing a p0171 lean code but i fixed that with two new o2 sensors and a new...