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  1. TRD JDM Rear Light Cluster

    Parts For Sale
    For Sale I have a Pair of super rare and really sought after TRD JDM rear lights. These are very similar to the tsunami rear lights but have slightly less red and are much harder to come by. These have been discontinued for over a decade and cannot be bought new. They are in really good...
  2. 03+ tail lamps professionally tinted

    Parts For Sale
    Factory 2003+ tail lamps with bulbs . will fit any 2000+ Celica Sprayed professionally with tinted clear coat "smoked" . NOT a rough, shity, hazy VNT nightshade junk. these look great . Not too dark. Dark enough to cover that horrible pink color. 200 obo Left is stock right...
  3. Yelow JDM TRD Fog lights.

    Parts For Sale
    used set of jdm yellow fog lights. made specifically for the trd action package. great condition. no cracks , no leaks , no problems with fitment. In my opinion these are the very best fogs for the trd bumper. Comes with 65$+ Piaa ion crystal bulbs installed . Also includes factory wiring...
  4. 'Clearance' Light?

    Repair & Maintenance
    I'm still new to to forum, and I've searched but I haven't been able to find anything on it. But my passenger side clearance light, which is that really small bulb within the housing unit that is near the inside kinda tucked in- (Or the light that blinks when locking or unlocking the car via...
  5. TYC Reds!

    Parts For Sale
    Hey everyone, this is my very first time posting on newcelica so hopefully I'm not doing anything wrong here, but anyway, I have a pair of TYC reds up for sale. I don't have the original box or any extended harness, but as most of you know, your current stock wire lengths should all reach their...
  6. The last headlight thread ever (hopefully)

    Appearance Mods
    I am going to list and post pictures of most of the aftermarket headlights available for our cars. I need all of you to post your opinions and feedback about each one so we can hopefully make a guide for everyone who plans to upgrade their lights. And let it begin: Oem Halogens $50-100...
  7. Need help custom my taillights

    Appearance Mods
    i have recently modified my tail lights because someone decided to smash them so i took advantage of the situation and painted them and changes the indicator led's to amber. But now im in a bit of trouble trying to make a clear lens to cover the tail lights so they are road legal does anyone...
  8. Just bought new LED tail

    Appearance Mods
    New user! I just bought some new taillights from andys auto which can be seen here: Ill probably make this way longer than it needs to be so a apologize. This is what my plans are.. i have no...
  9. Unknown Car Issues?

    Repair & Maintenance
    Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong area, I'm new to this website. But I have a 2001 Toyota Celica GT 5-speed that I picked up off of craigslist about half a year ago, and am having a few issues with it. So far in the past week, my car has lost power completely while I was driving it. I was...
  10. Change tail light led's

    Audio, Electrical, & Security
    Well i got these led tail lights a few months ago for free so i tried them out and noticed that the indicator is red which in my state/country is illegal so instead of selling them and buying new ones i decided i should just dis-assemble the tail lights and change the led's, so i bought these...
  11. Tsunami Tails for sale

    Parts For Sale
    Tsunami Tail lights straight off my celica. absolutely no problems with them wat so ever. in 10/10 condition. in no rush to sell. for a low price of only $400 (o.b.o.) !!
  12. Oem front marker lights

    Parts For Sale
    Oem front marker lights from 01 celica gts make an offer
  13. Sale! S2 Carbon Hood, New Rims, New Extreme kit, Light housings & More!

    Parts For Sale
    Garage Clearance Sale… Right now, I am just posting these parts up for reasonable offers. SoCal peeps get first priority especially if picking up the large parts. Shipping will be additional. If I get serious interest on shipping the hood, bumper, wheels etc., I will get an estimate to your...
  14. Want to trade: Tyc reds for tyc black housing tail lamps

    Parts For Sale
    I want black housing tyc tail lights... willing to trade for a set of red tyc tails.
  15. New led tail lights design ??? Check them out...

    Appearance Mods
    Was doing a lil ebay surfing when I ran into these LED tail lights. They are completely different from those ugly bubble benz LED tails. Check them out ..... What do you guys think??? Here is the ebay link...
  16. TYC black smoked taillights

    Parts For Sale
    I have a pair of TYC black taillights that have been blacked out. Looks very nice. They have some light scratches, but they're in great shape. Asking $150 shipped anywhere in the US.
  17. Opinions on custom LEDs

    Appearance Mods
    I put on these LEDs and i wanted some opinions before i screwed em in. Here are some pics
  18. Celica Projectors with HID's don't need to suck, check it out

    General Discussion
    [Picture fixed] Celica Projectors with HID's don't need to suck, check it out I purchased a headlight from a rolled (and drowned) 7th gen a month or so back, cleaned it up and pulled the projector out to see what a bit of tinkering would achieve (stock halogen projector, RHD, ECE cutoff)...
  19. License Plate Lights won't stop flashing???

    Audio, Electrical, & Security
    I bought some license plate lights from LEDmod a while back for me and my buddy and installed them and they were working fine. Now both sets seem to be flashing randomly. Is it possible there is a loose connection? Or is there a relay or something else I can do to stop it. I'm not too familiar...
  20. grams of light

    Wheel & Tire Forum
    Hey I found some gram lights for sale and was wondering if they would fit? "Three wheels are 18x8.5" +50 the forth is 18x7.5" +48" would this be a major problem for the wheels or the car?