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  1. Appearance Mods
    Because of the holes in my back door were not, and the spoiler I wanted, I decided to do it myself)) installed on car
  2. General Discussion
    December 2001 we bought a 2002 celica GT. We've had this thing almost 13 years. About a month ago it was stolen and recovered after an accident. I decided it was time to update this thing. First step was repairing the damage. I'm no body man so I don't have all of the high end dent pullers and...
  3. General Discussion
    Found 2 different Celica's in the gallery. Searched all over the place, but can't ID the pieces. * The name of the Lip on this TRD...
  4. Parts For Sale
    Hey guys :wave: I finally got around to taking pictures of a few extra things I had laying in my attic. All the items listed are OBO +shipping and I'm open to trades as well. I'll probably be posting up a few more things this weekend. Also I prefer not to ship the lip or wing because of its...
  5. So Cal Classifieds
    I was gonna use it but Im looking to go another direction with an 03 front and c1 lip... think this Molly lip is the best lip for any 2000-2002 front bumper. Complete lip replacement. This will completely replace your oem lip. Locals only at this point. I may consider shipping in future if I...
  6. Appearance Mods
    Hi i'm having my car painted in a month or so and figured this would be the perfect time to get a new lip and skirt. I already have the trd spoiler on the way can anyone recommend some good yet semi inexpensive kits? I have a 00 GTS btw
  7. Parts For Sale
    for sale 3 gauge pod cubby door perfect condition out of an 02 gts aem wideband o2 sensor and gauge in above picture custom made spark plug cover c-one...
  8. Parts For Sale
    Up for sale is a rear bumper with a TRD attached, I purchased this off a member but ended up finding a euro rear with TRD lip attached so one has to go...all tabs are intacted, all mounting hardware is included even the the black brackets that cover the gap between the bumper and lip on the...
  9. General Discussion
    Does anyone know where I can get the front lip this Celica? Thanks.
  10. Parts For Sale
    Hi all. up for sale is this rear valence with the hole for the exhaust in the middle. you would have to get your exhaust moved, but it would look pretty sweet with a twin/dual tip. right now im unsure of shipping but i am asking 75$+shipping for it. Thanks
  11. Parts For Sale
    Have for sale an OEM Rear Bumper in Spectra Blue Mica, needs to be repainted, not broken or cracked anywhere, accept for paint, it is in great physical condition. Also for sale is a rear lip, also spectra blue, don't know too much about it, has a few chips here and there, tried to show in pics...
  12. Want To Buy Ads
    Hey I'm looking for a greddy front lip for my 03+ bumper, PM about how much you're asking.
  13. Want To Buy Ads
    im just looking for any kind of front splitter. i dont want half splitters though, just full splitters. LMK what you've got thanks
  14. Want To Buy Ads
    Hey I'm looking to buy or trade for a ww rear any condition and any color, let me know what you have. I can trade veilside rear or sides dark red but they need fiberglass work to them. Thanks!
  15. USA - Florida
    Jeez does anyone local have a 03+ C-One lip they are willing to sell me? I would ask Jintei but at the rate hes going with my side skirts im gonna have to wait another month.:marky: P.S. I am not happy with my current transaction, but we shall see if he sends a tracking number before today is...
  16. So Cal Classifieds
    i wtb a front lip for 00 celica do you guys know where i can get one for under 100???
  17. Appearance Mods
    need help on C-One Lip installation Hey guys, i think i may have troubles installing the c-one front lip. i currently getting it painted and couldnt find anything on site website/google in regards to my question. Here is a picture of the area im stuck at as you can see, the stock lip...
  18. So Cal Classifieds
    Up for grabs is my replica frp trd rear valance made by extreme dimensions they call it the td3000. Decided to go with Rod Millen rear valance so this one has to go! Its a FRP part so recommend professional install.Fitment a lil off as with any FRP part but cant beat the price! Need it gone by...
  19. Appearance Mods
    Im putting my new build together. I already have a Kaminari kit Im keeping around as a spare. My new car has a molly front lip & molly sides so Im looking to add a rear lip. Can anyone post any pics of molly front sides and trd or ww rear lip?:wiggle:
  20. Appearance Mods
    So I know the Trd elegant lip for the 03+ bumper is rare but would buying this eBay one be a bad choice? Anyone have any experience...
1-20 of 28 Results