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  1. Tsunami & TRD Rears, Rotors, GTS pedals, Door Lock Actuators

    Parts For Sale
    1) Tsunami Rear Bumper: It has some damage from the exhaust slipping off the hanger and burning away the part where the black insert connects to the bumper. It melted the under side of the lip so it's not noticeable when it's mounted on the car. I believe it's only two of the plastic rivets that...
  2. Confused with my Celica keys and Alarm !

    Audio, Electrical, & Security
    Hi All, Recently my Dad very kindly gave his 2001 celica having replaced it wirh a new car. Im really proud of my car, but am really confused with the keys... Photo here... I am currently using a very tired FOB A to Lock and Unlock the car, HOWEVER only button 1 will lock and unlock the car...
  3. GT Automatic Shifter Slips between N, D, and R without button

    Repair & Maintenance
    My 2000 GT is an automatic and when I shift out of park to reverse, the shifter sometimes slips down into neutral or drive without pushing the button down. Then when I try to shift from reverse to drive it'll get stuck in neutral and then i have to push it down into drive. Also, it locks itself...
  4. Driver side door stuck

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hi! I was trying to change my door actuator. The install went great but when putting everything back togheter I slammed the door closed. I was to check if the actuator was working. Now my door will not open when using the remote and when using the outside handle. The inside of the door is off...