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  1. Suspension, 03+ bumper with lip, 03+ tails, OEM alarm....

    Parts For Sale
    I have some parts laying around that I need to get rid of so I can afford to paint my new bumpers. Stagg Struts w/ Lowering springs: I read somewhere that Stagg was a branch company of KYB but idk if that is 100% true. The ride quality is pretty good, slightly stiffer than stock. The lowering...
  2. Picture request 225/35r18 1.5 drop

    Suspension & Brake Tuning
    Can you guys please post pictures of a 1.5 inch drop with 225-/35r18 wheel size? I ordered tanabe gf210 and I want to see how the drop looks also I have kaminari kit . also about how many wheel gap on the rear?. please and thank you
  3. WTB Shifter Surround, Condition doesn't matter

    Want To Buy Ads
    Looking for a cheap shifter surround, I'll take one in bad condition, planning on using it for a project. Let me know shipped to 70810. Thanks
  4. Next On My List Fogs & Lower Grill Maybe DIY LIP?

    Next On My List Fogs & Lower Grill Maybe DIY LIP?

    Fog Lights Lower Grill Lip?