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  1. WTB: 2000 GT-S 6spd ECU and Stock Exhaust Manifold

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    Looking to take my 2000 GT-S 6 Speed manual back to stock, currently searching for a good deal on the Right ECU and Exhaust Manifold. 89666-20082 or 89666-20083 for the ECU, the 83 is the TSB fixed one, preferred, but don't know availability. and the stock exhaust manifold, according to this...
  2. OEM engine part and sway bars

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    I'm swapping my 2000 celica gt engine to a 2003 and selling parts from it. I'm also selling the stock sway bars. Also have the ignition coils and fuel injectors from the 2003. Right now I only have this one picture of the 2000 engine out of the car but tell me what part you need where its being...
  3. WtB DD intake mani

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    Looking to buy a DD intake manifold for a 2zz Preferably close to new just bcuz i need it To come with everything that it basically Does new lmk wat u got Cash in hand Call or text for a faster respond. 321-266-2046
  4. '02 Toyota Celica GT Making weird sound..

    Advanced Technical Discussion
    I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced any of this, or give me some good advice on how to look further, or maybe tell me what the problem is if you already know. I am currently Active Duty Army, and PCSing soon to go from South Carolina, to Oklahoma, and would like to get this resolved...
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