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  1. In need of a new vehicle.

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    I am back into racing dirt bikes again and I am going to pursue this seriously for a few years. The Celica and a 5x8 trailer are just not going to cut it anymore. So I am in need of a truck, suv, or... Here is what I need my next vehicle to do. Must be able to haul my dirt bike. Must be able to...
  2. Porsche Deadly Sin Series

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    Now most of you know I'm the ultimate Porsche fanboy, but like any good relationship, its love and its hate. You all know why we LOVE the car company. Here's a little of why we hate the car company.
  3. After 3 years in NY, wife is getting driver's license.

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    Ok, Nina passed her permit test, took her 5 hour course, and is now signed up for private lessons, the end of which they sign her up for her road test, take her there and let her use their car. She's gonna need a car, and I'd like this car to replace my SI as the family car so I can get...
  4. BMW M3 v. Ford Mustang GT

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  5. RX-8 R3 : Reviewed

    All Other Models By Jonny Lieberman September 29, 2008 I'm drooling over this car. I thought the original RX-8 was incredible.
  6. discreet one

    discreet one

    - removed toyo-emblem - kw coilover suspension - 18" rims