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  1. new_clutch_installed


    Aligning the pressure plate, clutch and flywheel :) the case is back on and attached, ready to be placed back into the body!
  2. Looking for a Toyota mechanic in Mesa/Phoenix, Arizona area ASAP please!

    Repair & Maintenance
    I just bought a Celica last week and I love it but I wish the last owner would have loved it as much and taken better care of it! I've done small things here and there to fix the issues it has but no conclusive results yet... Of course, it's better off now than when I got it at least. Here's...
  3. axle mount and transmission problems

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey guys so I recently picked up a 00 celica gt with a six speed swap. Unfortunately whoever did the swap used the wrong mount to hold the passenger side axle onto the engine. Sorry about the wording but the mount was only held on by the bottom bolt which was bent so the whole axle shaft was...